Apprenticeships and Traineeships

CQUniversity has a range of apprenticeship and traineeship courses available.

Apprenticeships and traineeships combine the benefits of structured training and paid employment. Undertaken on a full-time, part-time or school-based basis, apprenticeships and traineeships enable you to learn a trade or skill and receive a nationally accredited qualification.

Traineeships can be one to two years in a range of vocational areas, while apprenticeships usually last three to four years to become a qualified tradesperson.

The Queensland Government provides funding under the User Choice program to fund the cost of training and assessment services for eligible Queensland apprentices and trainees. Instead of paying for the full cost of training, apprentices or trainees and their employers will pay a reduced amount. Not all apprenticeships and traineeships attract this government funding.

To be eligible to obtain the subsidised training you must:

  • be employed in an approved apprenticeship and traineeship^
  • have entered a training contract for a qualification funded by the government*
  • have selected CQUniversity a government-approved training provider

How do I secure an apprenticeship or traineeship?

  1. Contact an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (Apprenticeship Network) provider see list below.
    • They will help you find an employer
    • Provide a training contract for you and your employer to sign
    • Talk to them about choosing CQUniversity TAFE as your training provider
    • Assist you to assess you for a Trade Support Loan and other payments.
    • They provide advice and support to you during your apprenticeship.
  2. Contact details for Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) in Queensland: -

You can also contact an employer directly to discuss an apprenticeship or traineeship with them.

Are you looking for training for your apprentice or trainee?

If you employ apprentices or trainees and are seeking a trusted local TAFE training provider, you’ll find everything you need at CQUniversity. CQUniversity offers the latest industry-based training with all programs being fully accredited and endorsed by industry. CQUniversity's strong engagement with industry also means the training delivered is based on the latest skilling and industry requirements. Our expert teachers deliver quality and industry relevant training to ensure your apprentices and trainees gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

CQUniversity will:

  • help to develop a training plan, which outlines what your trainee or apprentices will need to learn, when and how it will be delivered and assessed
  • provide your apprentice or trainee with an electronic profiling system to easily record on-the-job learning and track progressions
  • deliver training, oversee the off-the-job training and assessment achievement of skills
  • provide your apprentice and trainee with learning support assistance, on an individual needs basis, as required
  • issue a qualification on successful completion of the apprenticeship or traineeship.

The Queensland Government will cover the cost of training for employers who commence a new apprentice or trainee, or already have an existing apprentice or trainee aged under 25, in a priority qualification between 1 January 2021 and 30 September 2022. For further information on this program visit Free Apprenticeship for under 25s.

Apprenticeship and Traineeship Courses

* this course is not covered by Queensland Government User Choice.

^Refer to the Queensland Skills Gateway about approved apprenticeship and traineeship qualifications. The search results will provide details of whether a qualification is funded under User Choice or not.

If you have any questions, please contact us on 13 27 86 or email

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