Apprenticeships and Traineeships

Apprenticeships and traineeships combine the benefits of structured training and paid employment.

Undertake on a full-time, part-time or school-based basis, apprenticeships and traineeships enable you to learn a trade or skill and receive a nationally accredited qualification.

Traineeships can be one to two years in a range of vocational areas, while apprenticeships usually last three to four years to become a qualified tradesperson.

TAFE Apprentices - Tropical Auto Group


Well, we've used CQ TAFE now for over 10 years. We use them because of the technical trainer Remo. Remo makes everything so easy for both myself and for our technicians. He comes in here weekly and keeps me up to date with everything that's going on with the guys and he makes it just so easy for the guys to be able to ease through their training plan each week.

The training I receive is very good. for our automotive apprenticeship. Now I am studying a dual trade auto electrics to further better my skills throughout the automotive industry.

At the moment we have 11 apprentices. It works really well. They get to go to TAFE, one day a week four throughout the year. If we happen to be busy or if they've got something on here at work TAFE, just make it so they can go on a block system or, or they schedule it so just works with us and then it works with the guys and it's less impact on our work as well and not have them away from the premises for too long. Remo also comes here onto our premises and help them with their training here. If they've got a, a, a hard vehicle or, or something that's a bit more detailed to do, he'll come here and help the apprentices with it and they also get to work on their own cars in their own time and he helps them out with that as well.

I love everything about my job. I love bettering my skills every single day, and it's a job that I'm taking me around the world. CQUni TAFE is the best place to do it. The training provided is excellent.

Step 1: Find an Employer 

An important part of starting an apprenticeship or traineeship is finding an employer that will help to train and employ you till the completion of your apprenticeship or traineeship. There are many options when choosing an employer this can be through job search sights or through Group Training Organisation (GTO). A GTO provides apprentices and trainees with employment opportunities through different host employers to help students gain the skills and training needed to complete their qualifications. Please note that GTO's should not be seen as an employment provider, they assist companies in procuring apprentices and trainees. 

Step 2: Choose an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) provider.

Once employed, the employer will need to choose an AASN provider to sign up the apprentice or trainee and arrange the training contract. The employer will specify what Registered Training Organisation (RTO) the Apprentice or trainee will be attending. The employee will apply for the apprentice or trainee via their chosen AASN. Queensland AASNs: 

Step 3: CQUniversity

CQUniversity is the Supervising Registered Training Organisation (SRTO) and will oversee the training of the apprentice or trainee throughout their qualification. CQUniversity is responsible for providing students with the knowledge, skills, and training to help students achieve their career aspirations.  

Are you looking for apprentice or trainee training?

If you are seeking a trusted local TAFE training provider, you’ll find everything you need at CQU. Our expert teachers deliver the latest industry-based training, based on industry requirements, with all programs being fully accredited and endorsed by industry. This ensures your apprentices and trainees gain the knowledge and skills needed to succeed.

We will:

  • help to develop a training plan, which outlines what your trainee or apprentices will need to learn, when and how it will be delivered and assessed
  • provide your apprentice or trainee with an electronic profiling system to easily record on-the-job learning and track progressions
  • deliver training, oversee the off-the-job training and assessment achievement of skills
  • provide your apprentice and trainee with learning support assistance, on an individual needs basis, as required
  • issue a qualification on successful completion of the apprenticeship or traineeship.

As an employer of an Australian Apprentice, you may also be eligible for financial support from the Australian Government. An Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) can assist in navigating the support available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before commencing your studies, it is essential to secure employment for your apprenticeship or traineeship. To gain insights into the application process visit the the Australian Government Australian Apprenticeships and review the Steps to Become an Apprentice. Subsequently, your chosen employer will work with CQUniversity to tailor a suitable training program designed to meet your specific needs and goals.

Apprenticeships can begin at any point throughout the year, without fixed terms or specific intake dates.

Securing an apprenticeship or traineeship follows a similar process to seeking any other employment opportunity. Candidates are advised to monitor job search platforms or reach out to businesses directly to inquire about apprenticeship or traineeship openings.

AASN can also assist:

CQUniversity provides Language, Literacy, and Numeracy (LLN) Support Teachers dedicated to assisting apprentices who may require additional help. Tutorials are available throughout the duration of their studies. For inquiries or to reach out to the LLN Team, you can contact them via email at Students who may benefit from extra support can be identified based on their results from the BKSB testing conducted during the application phase.

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    CQUniversity helped me practice my time management, my work ethic, flexible learning, my responsibilities and many more personal traits.

    Kobe Miller

    Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication Trade

Apprenticeship and Traineeship courses


  • SHB40121 – Certificate IV in Beauty Therapy