Office of Indigenous Engagement


The Office of Indigenous Engagement (OIE) vision is to build a national society in which First Nations peoples’ voices are heard and heeded; their knowledges and cultures recognised and celebrated.


Our office delivers service and expertise to partner individuals and communities to ensure collaborative, mutually beneficial interaction.

Actioned through:

  • Engaging with community partners to build capacity and facilitate visions
  • Advocating on behalf of First Nations peoples to ensure their contributions are considered
  • Developing opportunities for beneficial research and appropriate education
  • Innovating on established circumstances and leading new possibilities
  • Protecting cultural knowledge and values

The Office of Indigenous Engagement (OIE) at CQUniversity

The Office of Indigenous Engagement (OIE) holds a unique position in the university structure, serving departments and divisions right across the University landscape and national footprint.

Led by Professor Adrian Miller, Deputy Vice President Indigenous Engagement and BHP Chair in Indigenous Engagement, the OIE team comprises a highly skilled group of professional and research staff. Team members provide leadership and guidance in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander matters. Project outcomes impact research, governance, community engagement, industry partnerships, and staff and student relationships.

The OIE plays a pivotal role in providing direction to policy development that impacts First Nations peoples, influencing the University’s delivery of higher education, vocational training, and employment, and affecting research opportunities and stakeholder engagement.

The team is committed to challenging contemporary dialogues and attitudes relative to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures, intervening through alternative approaches, influential action, research and engagement. Team members are engaged in programs and practices that advance a deliberate sense of powerful destiny for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, honouring the intrinsic position they claim in contemporary Australian culture.

Adrian Miller

Professor Adrian Miller

Deputy Vice-President Indigenous Engagement, BHP Chair of Indigenous Engagement and Director of the Jawun Research Centre, Professor Adrian Miller is an established researcher with a strong interest in applied and translational research.  He has a proven capacity for achieving positive outcomes for Indigenous communities in health and education.

Professor Miller has received the Australian College of Educators Teaching Award twice.

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