Congratulations on completing your qualification with CQUniversity. Whether you finished a Certificate I or your Doctorate or anything in between, you now automatically become a member of our alumni cohort, joining over 115 000 of your fellow graduates located all around the world. 

Your university is proud to continue to support you by providing access to career services and mentors, professional and personal development, and opportunities for you to follow your passion and expand your experience. Take advantage of our resources to fuel your continued success, we look forward to your on-going connection to your university through your alumni membership.  

Make the most of your alumni community 

Your connection with the university doesn’t end with the completion of your qualification.  As a graduate, your knowledge, expertise and success can continue to be supported or shared to develop others.  Alumni are a huge part of the life and future of our university.  Welcome to the Alumni cohort, we’re really glad you joined us! 

The first step to becoming an alum is your graduation ceremony.  Read more about your ceremony, how to register, regalia and what to expect on the day on our Graduations page.

Looking for transcripts or replacement documents?  

Visit Academic Documents

Keep your contact details up to date so we can keep you informed.  There are many valuable opportunities to be accessed through your university – you don’t want to miss out. 

Have you moved since graduation? Are you still using the same email address?  

Update your contact details to ensure you're receiving invitations and opportunities relevant to your personal interests and professional life. Please encourage your friends and classmates to update their details and reconnect too.  

Find friends 

Have you lost contact with friends/classmates and would like to get in touch with them? Your university can help you reconnect! Use the Find Friends service to get in touch. 

Stay connected  

Our alumni and students live and work all over the world.  You can be the local alumni contact for graduates returning home or moving to your town or region.  Simply list your name and alumni email address with us, and your fellow alumni, prospective and current students will be able to reach out, knowing that you both share a connection to the university.  

CQUniversity graduates can sign up to the Industry Connect Program as mentors to students, or as mentees to fellow alumni. 

This program is a fantastic opportunity to give back to students by helping them prepare for their career. It’s also a great opportunity for mentors to practice your coaching, mentoring and leadership skills, and for mentees to learn industry insights and develop your personal networks in your field. 

Watch a short video to see an experienced mentor talk about the convenience and benefits of online mentoring. 

Signing up takes less than three minutes if you connect your LinkedIn profile, which automatically imports details including work and education history (or you can manually create your profile). 

Once you have set up your profile, mentees can contact you through the system. 

Consultations are conducted online through conference numbers, and messages are routed through the system meaning contact information is not shared between mentors and mentees (unless you choose to do so). 

Sign up to the Industry Connect Program today! 

Please note: the CQUni Career Connection platform is most compatible with a Google Chrome web browser. 

Share your story to inspire the next generation of graduates, help them get the most out of their study journey. There are a variety of ways you can share your journey to inspire students. 

Give your advice to students 

If you could go back in time and give your student self some advice, what would it be? We can’t send you back in time, but we can pass your advice on to current students. Complete our alumni advice form and we’ll share your advice on social media, our CQUni Life Blog and may even use it in our student advice brochure. 

Create an alumni profile 

Alumni profiles show our students that their aspirations are achievable - and seeing is believing! Add your profile to Our Alumni collection of profiles. You can provide a profile which showcases your path after finishing your study, to inspire and inform students and fellow alumni about where a similar qualification could take them. As an added bonus, this will be visible in online searches of you – a great way to boost your online presence in a professional manner. 

Provide a testimonial 

Testimonials from graduated students are a powerful tool to help students understand the benefits and challenges of CQUni courses and modes of study. Alumni testimonials help students by providing insight into why you decided to attend CQUniversity and what you experienced during your studies. Share your story to inspire students and encourage them to consider tertiary education. 

Speaking opportunities 

A variety of speaking opportunities are available including University orientation events, aspiration development in school students, Graduation ceremonies, and campus celebrations and activities – and we have both in-person and virtual opportunities. Contact the Alumni Relations Team to nominate yourself as a guest speaker. 

Just like planning a major life event, planning your career requires considered reflection and dedicated research. All our graduates have access to a number of career services.

If you’re looking for career guidance, use Career Voyage, an online career guidance system which identifies types of work which match your interests, preferences and education goals.

To create an account click on 'Create New Client Account' then enter the following Organisation ID: 005996. Click on 'Next' and then 'enter details'. Create your own username and password on the details screen and select ‘CQUni Careers’ as your adviser.

Career planning

Use our Careers Toolkit to set out your professional goals and develop a strategy for your future direction.

Talk to a mentor

Sometimes it helps to speak to someone working in your field, or who has been in a similar situation. CQUni Career Connection is an online mentoring program where you can connect with other graduates for one-on-one career conversations.

Talk to a Career Counsellor

All graduates can access free career counselling sessions. Make an appointment to speak with a Career Consultant via CQUni CareerHub or email the Careers Team on

Everyone has something to contribute and there are a range of ways you can help.  Alumni bring unique and valuable perspectives to our teaching, learning and operational activities. 

Could our current students contribute to your workplace success? Consider the staffing needs of your workplace and industry and develop capacity or address short-term peak workloads by offering internships, work placements, or work experience projects, or by employing a fellow graduate. 

Alumni are important

Maintaining your connection with your university brings so many rewards and opportunities.  It really is a two-way street.  You have so much to contribute to the betterment of the University and our student experience and there are so many ways that you can be rewarded. 

How you choose to be involved is up to you – some of the opportunities to get involved and stay involved as presented below, but you might like to suggest your own ways to get involved – we’re open to your ideas and suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Definition: alumnus (pronounced a-lum-nus),
Noun: A graduate of a particular school or university

An alumnus is another word for graduate; alumni is the plural: one alumnus, two alumni.

When you complete a CQUniversity qualification - from a Certificate 1 to a Doctorate - you automatically become a CQUniversity alumnus. Both vocational education and training and higher education graduates are members of our alumni community.

A range of benefits and initiatives are available to vocational training and degree program graduates of CQUniversity. These include free library access, career development services, alumni professional development grants, and regular opportunities to get involved through 'Be' magazine and the alumni e-newsletter. 

View the benefits available and keep your details updated to hear about opportunities available to you.

Yes. As a graduate, you are able to access both catalogue and electronic databases. Visit Benefits for more information.

No! Students automatically achieve alumnus status upon completion of their qualification (Certificate 1 to Doctorate included). There are no costs associated with this life-long relationship with your university.

Update your contact details to ensure you hear about alumni events and opportunities. Information is also shared through the official CQUniversity alumni social media pages.

Digital and hard copy official academic transcripts can be ordered online. Visit the Academic Transcripts page for more information.

We love to help graduates to organise reunions or activities. Contact the Alumni Relations Team to find out how we can assist you.

You are able to advertise job vacancies for free through the University CareerHub. First-time users need to register an account.

You can use My eQuals to send links to certified digital copies of your transcripts and testamurs to anyone you choose, including employers, universities and other parties. More information is on the My eQuals explained page.

For requests from external parties or organisations that do not accept My eQuals, CQUniversity can verify an academic record if we have permission from the individual to do so. We require signed consent from the individual before this private information can be released. The consent document should include the student’s full name, date of birth and student ID number as well as their signature. Many employers and immigration agents have a standard form for this.

Please email the consent form to our Student Governance Centre at or contact us on 13 2786.

Academic Verification usually takes 2-3 working days to process. This is a free service.

Please update your contact details so CQUniversity can contact you to confirm your consent if needed.

Yes, we can help you with this. 

You can supply your agent with a hard copy (fees apply) or certified digital copy of your transcript and testamur. 

For certified digital documents 

We recommend contacting your agent to confirm they will accept certified digital documents via the My eQuals platform

Complete the digital transcript AND digital testamur forms. More information is on the My eQuals explained page. Please contact if the request is urgent. 

Within 5 working days you will receive an invitation to My eQuals. Once you receive the My eQuals invitation, follow the steps in the email to sign in, access your certified digital awards and share links to these with third party organisations. 

For hard copy documents 

Please complete BOTH these forms to order your documents (fees apply). 

Request for Academic Transcript and replacement Testamur

Once you have completed the forms and paid the required fees, please send an email to the Awards and Results team via requesting the documents be mailed together in a single envelope. 

For any enquiries relating to replacement testamurs please contact the Awards and Results team on 13 2786. 

Annual Alumni Awards

Know someone who deserves to be acknowledged and celebrated for their achievements as an outstanding alumni?

30 Minutes a month

Just 30 minutes of your time can make all the difference to a current student or fellow graduate – get involved today!

Contact Alumni

Got a question or need some information? Drop us a line and we’ll help you find what you are looking for.