Host a placement student

Work integrated learning (WIL) for employers and industry partners  

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) activities are structured and purposefully designed learning and assessment tools which allow your host student to integrate the theory they have learnt in the classroom into your workplace, community or project setting. 

Essentially, you agree to either host a student at your workplace or mentor a student through a project/problem solving exercise for your business. 

Benefits of work integrated learning for industry partners  

There are a variety of ways that you can choose to be involved in our Work Integrated Learning program including hosting work/clinical/professional placements, providing real life case studies for student projects, hosting work experience, presenting a guest lecture for students or providing an industry tour. 

Being or becoming involved in work integrated learning, allows your business to: 

  • Influence the next generation of workforce participants for your industry – by helping students to apply their learning into a practical workplace setting
  • Meet and get to know students who will soon be graduates looking for a job, potentially a source of future employees for your business
  • Supplement your human resources with a student who is keen to learn and be mentored
  • Provide mentoring and supervision experience and opportunities for your current workforce and managers
  • Grow your own professional network and meet academics and professional staff who are involved with the future workforce for your industry, potentially opening doors for more involvement with course reviews and enhancements in the future

How does work integrated learning work? 

The team will need to know details of the placement or opportunity you are offering, the course/s that are applicable, the location of the opportunities and the duration you are prepared to support a student or group of students (if you are offering a project opportunity). 

From here one of our experienced Work Integrated Learning team will contact you to discuss your involvement further. 

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