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All general correspondence should be directed to:

Research Division (Bldg 32 Level 2)
CQUniversity Australia
Bruce Highway
North Rockhampton QLD 4701

Staff Contacts and Roles

Office of the Deputy-Vice Chancellor (Research)

Professor Grant Stanley (Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research)

Telephone: (07) 4923 2242

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) is a key strategist responsible for shaping and implementing the University's vision of excellence in research and innovation. As a member of the executive team, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor plays a major role in CQUniversity's future strategic research direction and  performance. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor's focus is on strategic planning, capacity-building, quality assurance and evaluation, to achieve the University's research and innovation goals. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) is also responsible for the governing committees for research and  higher degree by research, development and implementation of policies, compliance with regulations and reporting and responding to sector changes that affect research and the University, ensuring the University's national and international research profile continues to grow and for fostering  a research culture that encourages innovation, quality performance and engagement.

Dr Lynette Browning (Executive Officer)

Telephone: (08) 8378 4509

Lyn is the Executive Officer to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) and provides executive support including  analytical, management, advisory and representative support across a wide range of strategic and operational matters. Lyn also manages the Early Career Researcher program.

Karen Chapman (Executive Assistant)

Telephone: (07) 4923 2372

Karen is the Executive Assistant to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) and provides executive and administrative support to the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).

Research Performance & Analytics Unit

Richelle Coll (Manager, Research Performance & Analytics)

Telephone: (07) 4923 2604

Richelle manages the reporting and analytics portfolio for the Research Division and the strategic reporting requirements of the University including the ERA and HERDC collections.

Monica Brazier (Reporting Officer)

Telephone: (07) 4930 6566

Monica provides assistance to the Manager, Research Performance & Analytics with research performance data for internal and external reporting.

Cathie Withyman (Research Assessment Officer- Impact & Engagement)

Telephone: (07) 5440 7087

Cathie works with the Research Performance & Analytics team in drafting and preparation of the University’s Impact Case Studies and Engagement Narratives for submission by the University to the national Engagement and Impact Assessment 2018.

Tracey Kennedy (Administration Officer - Reporting)

Telephone: (07) 4923 2672

Tracey provides administrative support and assists the Manager, Research Performance & Analytics with data collection and reporting for the HERDC and ERA Collections.

Office of Research

Leslie Walker (Director, Office of Research)

Telephone: (07) 4923 2463
Mobile: 0437 646 812

Leslie leads and oversees the research services provided by the Research Division’s Office of Research to establish processes and systems to ensure effective management of the University’s research activities, particularly with regards to research grants, IP and commercialisation, ethics, research integrity, and research engagement. Leslie supports the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) in the development, implementation, evaluation, monitoring and improvement of strategies and research-related policies, procedures and plans.

Thomas Dixon (Research Legal Officer)

Telephone: (07) 3023 4104

Tom provides legal services to the Research Division, including review of research contracts and commercialisation agreements.

Michelle Hodda (Project Officer)

Telephone: (07) 4923 2364

Michelle provides project management support and coordination of the implementation of ongoing research promotion campaigns and content, including research promotion on the University's website.

Office of Research - Research Partnerships

Josh Ariens (Coordinator - Research Partnerships)

Telephone: (07) 4970 7330

Josh provides and promotes links between the University and industry to establish and assist collaborative research partnerships.

Scott Thomas (Research Partnerships Officer)

Telephone:(07) 4920 2740

Scott assists the Research Partnerships Officer to provide and promote links to develop research partnerships between the University and industry.

Office of Research - Ethics

Sue Evans (Coordinator - Ethics)

Telephone: (07) 4923 2603

Sue coordinates the ethics team to provide support of human and animal ethics clearance for research projects within the University, and is Executive Officer to the following CQUniversity Committees: Human Research Ethics Committee (CQUniversityHREC), Animal Ethics Committee (CQUniversityAEC), and the Institutional Biosafety Committee.

Suzanne Harten (Ethics Officer)

Telephone: (07) 4930 9128

Suzanne provides a range of professional and administrative services to various research related ethics committees and monitors compliance of human and animal ethics across the University.  Suzanne is also the first point of contact for limited impact research in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Leanne O'Neill (Administration Officer - Ethics)

Telephone: (07) 4923 2009

Leanne assists the Ethics Officers with manual and electronic data management, including entry to the database, archiving of completed projects and routine correspondence of the Human Research Ethics and Animal Ethics Committees.

Office of Research - Research Grants

Christine Hanley (Research Grants Officer)

Christine manages and administers the University's external research grants programs.

Telephone: (07) 4923 2070

Ann Smith (Research Grants Officer)

Ann manages and administers the University's internal research grants programs. Telephone: (07) 4923 2613

School of Graduate Research

Professor Susan Kinnear (Dean of Graduate Research)

Telephone: (07) 4930 9336

The Dean, Graduate Research assists the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) in providing academic leadership and strategic management of the University's research portfolio. The School of Graduate Research was established in July 2018, in recognition that research higher degree candidates are critical to the research capabilities and culture of the University. The SGR delivers the University's research training portfolio, including courses at graduate certificate, masters and doctoral levels.

Kath Milostic (Coordinator - Research Higher Degrees)

Telephone: (07) 4923 2607

Kath manages and coordinates the RHD team to ensure the effective and timely administrative support is provided to the research high degree operations across the University.

Katie Allan (RHD Officer)

Telephone: (07) 4930 9210

Katie provides administrative support to Confirmation of Candidature for research higher degree (RHD) candidates.

Denise Davidson (RHD Officer)

Telephone: (07) 4923 2228

Denise administrative support to Examination  processes for research higher degree (RHD) candidates.

Kyle Muldoon (RHD Officer)

Telephone: (07) 4930 9145

Kyle provides administrative support for Admission processes for research higher degree (RHD) candidates.

Stuart McCartney (RHD Officer)

Telephone: (07) 4923 2602

Stuart provides administrative support to research training offered by the Research Division to research candidates and staff.

Natasha Toon (RHD Officer)

Telephone: (07) 4037 4789

Tash provides purchasing & travel administrative support to the research higher degree (RHD) candidates.

Dr Leigh Stitz (Curriculum Developer - GCR)

Telephone: (07) 4923 2309

Leigh is developing the curriculum for the Graduate Certificate in Research (GCR).

Kerrilyn Tomkins (GCR Development Officer)

Telephone: (07) 4930 6448

Kerrilyn provides administrative support for curriculum development for the Graduate Certificate in Research (GCR).

School Contacts - Deputy Deans Research (DDRs)

Professor Julian Teicher (School of Business and Law)


Associate Professor Susan Davis (School of Education and the Arts)


Professor Steve Moore (School of Engineering and Technology)


Associate Professor Tania Signal (School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences)


Associate Professor Jennieffer Barr (School of Nursing, Midwifery and Social Sciences)