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Research Projects

Would you like to join CQUniversity Australia to undertake world-class research that engages with industry and the community?

To apply, an applicant may develop their own research project in collaboration with their supervisor, or apply for one of our available research projects.

Below is a listing of projects that CQUniversity currently has available for prospective research higher degree candidates. Please contact the nominated Principal Supervisor listed on each project for more information and to discuss your opportunity to study with CQUniversity.

To find a research project search by keyword, research organisation or research field below.

Featured Projects

School of Engineering and TechnologyView all our Projects

Advancing Concrete Sleeper Life Prediction
This project focuses on testing older concrete sleepers to determine sleeper condition and estimate their remaining service life.

Efficient Daily Track Monitoring System
This project focuses on the development of new and innovative approaches to track defect monitoring and data reporting.

School of Health, Medical and Applied SciencesView all our Projects

Drought Tolerance on Tropical Food Legumes
Australia has the climate diversity suitable for a broad range of grain legume and pulse production.

Marine fish parasites
This project will study marine parasites of fish species obtained from local fishers or from local fish markets.

CQUniversity Reasearch Video Transcript

It fascinates you, inspires you and drives you. It’s a specific topic you want to explore deeply. An idea you want to develop. A problem you want to solve or a career you want to excel in.

Maybe it’s an opportunity to be recognised for research you’ve already done. Whatever your reason for undertaking a Research Higher Degree – CQUniversity can help you achieve it.

A CQUni Research Higher Degree can help you make a positive impact in your chosen field. We are deeply engaged with our community and our applied research focuses on meeting the real needs of the industries and communities we work with to make a tangible difference.

CQUniversity has been recognised for world-class research in a range of areas reflecting our focus on and investment in research facilities and personnel, innovative and engaged research strategy, and success in securing highly competitive national research grants.

When you undertake a CQUniversity Research Higher Degree, you’ll be assigned experienced, dedicated supervisors to guide you through your research journey and help keep you on track, so you can deliver applied research with real outcomes.

You’ll also become part of a supportive research community and gain access to project and conference funding and support to help you reach your research goals.

With CQUni, you don’t have to leave home or your job to do your RHD. You can study online or at one of our many locations around Australia. And you can do it full or part time.

If you don’t yet meet the entry requirements for an RHD, we can even put you on the pathway to your research destination with our Graduate Certificate in Research.

So, whether your research dream lies in agriculture, horticulture, creative writing, environmental science, new technologies, innovative education, healthy behaviours, workforce development or a plethora of other areas, CQUniversity, like you, knows that research changes lives.

Explore your options and submit your preliminary proposal to our research team.

Be what you want to be with CQUniversity.