AUR31220 - Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology

This qualification covers the skills and knowledge required to perform a broad range of tasks on a variety of mobile plant vehicles in the automotive service and repair industry. This course is for apprenticeship training only. Students must be employed as apprentices in a relevant industry.


On-campus, RPL/RCC/Credit


This course is for apprentices only. Apprenticeships are typically delivered within a 4 year period.



36 units


Target outcomes are in mobile plant, mining maintenance and heavy vehicle industries.

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who perform a broad range of tasks on a variety of mobile plant machinery in the automotive retail, service and repair industry.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.

This is a nationally recognised accredited course.

Resources will be required upon commencement of training. Find out more.

Standard Course Structure


This course is for apprentices only. Apprenticeships are typically delivered within a 4 year period.

AURTTA118Develop and carry out diagnostic test strategies
AURASA102Follow safe working practices in an automotive workplace
AURAEA002Follow environmental and sustainability best practice in an automotive workplace
AURETR112Test and repair basic electrical circuits
AURETR125Test, charge and replace batteries and jump-start vehicles
AURTTK102Use and maintain tools and equipment in an automotive workplace
AURTTA104Carry out servicing operations
AURTTA105Select and use bearings, seals, gaskets, sealants and adhesives
AURTTA006Inspect and service hydraulic systems
AURETR132Diagnose and repair automotive electrical systems
AURATA002Read, interpret and apply engineering drawings
AURETR123Diagnose and repair spark ignition engine management systems
AURLTE102Diagnose and repair light vehicle engines
AURTTA017Carry out vehicle safety inspections
AURTTB101Inspect and service braking systems
AURTTB004Inspect and service air braking systems
AURTTD002Inspect and service steering systems
AURTTD004Inspect and service suspension systems
AURTTX003Inspect and service automatic transmissions
AURTTZ102Diagnose and repair exhaust systems
AURTTE104Inspect and service engines
AURTTX102Inspect and service manual transmissions
AURTTF102Inspect and service diesel fuel injection systems
AURTTQ001Inspect and service final drive assemblies
AURVTW018Carry out oxyacetylene welding, thermal heating and cutting
AURVTW109Carry out basic gas metal arc welding
AURHTB101Diagnose and repair heavy vehicle air braking systems
AURHTJ103Remove, inspect, refit heavy vehicle wheel and tyre assemblies
AURHTQ103Diagnose and repair heavy vehicle drive shafts
AURTTK001Use and maintain measuring equipment in an automotive workplace
AURHTE001Remove and install heavy vehicle engine assemblies
AURTTX106Diagnose and repair hydrostatic transmissions
AURHTZ101Diagnose and repair heavy vehicle emission control systems
AURKTD101Diagnose and repair mobile plant suspension systems
AURETR129Diagnose and repair charging systems
AURETR130Diagnose and repair starting systems
AURKTA111Diagnose and repair mobile plant hydraulic systems
AURKTD102Diagnose and repair mobile plant steering systems
AURKTB101Diagnose and repair mobile plant braking systems
AURKTQ101Diagnose and repair mobile plant final drive assemblies
AURTTC103Diagnose and repair cooling systems
AURHTE102Diagnose and repair heavy vehicle compression ignition engines
AURKTX101Diagnose and repair powershift transmissions
AURETR124Diagnose and repair compression ignition engine management systems
AURTTF105Diagnose and repair engine forced-induction systems
AURHTF102Diagnose and repair heavy vehicle diesel fuel injection systems
AURKTA005Inspect, service and repair track type drive and support systems
AURTTQ103Inspect and service drive shafts
AURTTC001Inspect and service cooling systems
AURTTB006Inspect, service and repair auxiliary braking systems
AURTTA113Diagnose and repair hydraulic systems
AURKTR101Diagnose and repair electronic over hydraulic control systems
AURAFA103Communicate effectively in an automotive workplace
AURACA101Respond to customer needs and enquiries in an automotive workplace
No information available at this time.
Work-integrated learning does not apply to this course.
This course has no residential schools.

This course is for apprenticeship training only. Students must be employed as apprentices in a relevant industry.

Completion of the bksb (Basic Key Skills Builder) online literacy and numeracy assessment prior to enrolment, unless the student has completed an equal or higher level course.

Target outcomes are in mobile plant, mining maintenance and heavy vehicle industries.

Professional recognition is not applicable to this course.
Fee for service$19,980.00 (2022)
Fee for service per unit$555.00 (2022)

Please refer to the VET student fees price lists, eligibility criteria applies for subsidised funding. If you are unsure, please call us on 13 27 86.

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