At CQUniversity, Orientation is all about giving you the essential information you need to be a successful student.

Have you ever read a map upside down? That’s what your uni studies can be like without Orientation.

- Student Mentor, Alex.

Take this opportunity to meet and connect with your peers, mentors, and academics, learn about student life, and discover the variety of support services available to assist you in reaching your academic and personal goals.

Orientation Week

Term 1 Orientation will be held from 27 February – 3 March 2023. The Orientation program consists of compulsory and optional events and activities, allowing you to create a customised schedule. This includes:

  1. Orientation TV (OTV) live webinar sessions
  2. All About Uni Workshops
  3. Campus Experience events
  4. Skills for Success Workshops

Bookings for Term 1 Orientation will open early February 2023. Please check your student email for the official Orientation invite in February, and visit MyCQU for updates.


Orientation TV

Orientation TV (OTV) is a live webinar delivered online by staff, fellow students, and alumni. OTV brings you short, fast-paced, informative sessions including Welcome to Uni and Meet Your Lecturer. Attending OTV is compulsory for international students and strongly recommended for domestic students. OTV sessions are scheduled online at convenient times to ensure students can attend. International students must attend a session called International Student Essentials. Attendance is compulsory.

All About Uni Workshops

All About Uni Workshops are additional online drop-in sessions. Staff will present demonstrations and how-to's based on the topic of the workshop. Book the workshops you would like to attend based on what you need and want to know more about. These workshops should be attended in addition to the compulsory OTV sessions.

Campus Experience

Campus Experience is your chance to get to know your local CQU campus, meet fellow students and CQU staff as well as be introduced to CQU support services. It is strongly recommended that students attend these on-campus events, especially international students. Even if you’re studying online, you can join a Campus Experience event.

Skills for Success Workshops

Throughout the week, the Academic Learning Centre (ALC) will also be hosting a wide range of Skills for Success Workshops to help you brush up on your academic skills before the start of term. These optional online sessions cover everything from math and science to academic writing, time management, referencing, computing, and much more.

Create your schedule

Bookings for Term 1 Orientation will open in early February 2023. Please check your student email for the official Orientation invite in February. This will direct you to our bookings system where you can book your Orientation sessions and view your customised schedule. For further updates and announcements, please visit MyCQU.

We can’t wait to welcome you at Orientation.