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Student support

University study can be an exciting yet challenging experience. Competing priorities and the day-to-day persistence needed for study require personal resilience and the ability to formulate realistic expectations.  At CQUniversity we offer a variety of support services to assist our students to develop the personal resilience and skills needed to achieve both their academic and personal goals.


The CQUniversity Counselling service aims to assist students with any issues which impact negatively on their studies. Our goals are the success for our students in their studies and the promotion of their personal resilience and wellness.


CQUniversity is committed to ensuring that students with a disability or medical condition are provided with access to a range of support to enhance their academic potential.


theDesk gives you FREE access to modules, quizzes and tools to help with everyday issues and common study problems. To register, all you need to do is head to theDesk homepage and fill out the registration information to obtain your personal login and get started. Read about relaxation, learn how to manage anxiety and complete a module on managing time and setting goals. There are even modules that cover general health and lifestyle topics.

Student Mentors

The Student Mentor Program aims to help new students in undergraduate and postgraduate programs to quickly feel at home at CQUniversity during their first year of study.

Student Readiness Questionnaire

This is a short compulsory questionnaire that commencing undergraduate students complete to identify resources and support that can assist them in meeting their learning goals. It is recommended that all new students complete this survey so that we can be proactive in personalising assistance to suit individual needs.

Succeed at CQUniversity

Succeed at CQUniversity is a tailored support program, with a personalised approach to guiding students through their first year of university study. We understand that your first term studying at any university can be a challenging experience. Succeed at CQUniversity aims to provide additional support and guidance. Our focus is on ensuring that you understand the support services available to you and staff members you should contact when help is needed.

Indigenous Engagement

All Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people are encouraged to login to CQUcentral and ensure that their identity is recognised. This information is on your 'Personal information' page. If your identity is not recognised, please contact the Office of Indigenous Engagement at to assist you.

Ally Program (LGBTIQ support)

CQUniversity is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive atmosphere for all students with a zero tolerance approach to bullying and discrimination. As part of this we have implemented an Ally Program to promote acceptance and understanding for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) students. This program is for ALL students, whether you identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or not.

Spirituality (Multi-faith chaplaincy)

Awakening an awareness of our primary identity and our primary purpose here on earth brings with it harmony through a deep sense of connectedness with each other and our environment. Visit the Multi-faith Chaplaincy Centre

Student Advocacy

Student Advocacy is a free and confidential service providing support and assistance to all CQUniversity Australia Students who seek guidance on grievances, appeals and disputes. The Student Advocacy Officer is here to help students understand and navigate associated University policies and processes, and to articulate their issues. Appointments with the Student Advocacy Officer are available over the phone, via email or face-to-face. More information for current students can be found on the Student Portal.