New CQUniversity Cairns Campus

Cairns has been elevated to the status of a two-university city with the announcement that CQUniversity Cairns Square will open mid-year. Set to transform Cairns, the new CBD campus will see the Cairns Distance Education Centre in Florence Street move to become a full-sized, multi-storey campus located on the corner of Abbott and Shield Streets.

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Professor Dave Swain show off the Bovine Utilising Long-range Link (BULL) technology
30 March 2015
It sounded too good to be true and it seems it was – the “world first technology” designed to turn a herd of cattle into a roaming Wi-Fi hotspot was just a cheeky CQUniversity April Fools Day prank.

Bushfire image by Bert Knottenbeld
23 March 2015
CQUniversity researchers have contributed to a new ‘hazard note’ produced by the Bushfire & Natural Hazards CRC (Cooperative Research Centre).


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