My scholarship is helping to remove barriers
Gillian Aberley

My name is Gillian Aberley and I am studying a Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping. I am also a single mother to two Autistic children that are schooled from home, undertaking distance education.

Our family’s high level of medical expenses and inconsistency of income has put an enormous financial and emotional strain on myself and my children.

My CQUniCares Student Success VET Scholarship has allowed me to purchase a new laptop, afford textbooks and workbooks and hire a carer whilst I completed my assessments.

I am hoping that once I am finished my qualification and can work part-time, some of this burden and strain will be reduced, improving the overall quality of my family’s life.  

Thank you for awarding me this scholarship. It’s helping to remove barriers and making study easier for me. Without it, I may have dropped out.

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