My scholarship helped me with financial support and networking opportunities
Noah Goldsworthy

My name is Noah Goldsworthy and I am a Bachelor of Paramedic Science graduate and recipient of the CQUniCares John Villiers Trust Paramedical Student Scholarship.

Living in Dimbulah (nearly two hours from Cairns), I often commuted to attend lectures, lab sessions, exams, and residential schools.

My scholarship has helped with the purchase of textbooks, uniforms and costs associated with placement.  It has been a big motivating factor that has not only helped me out with financial support and networking opportunities, but reminded me that if I put in the work and remain driven, good things will come of it.

From a very early age, I wanted to be just like my Dad and become a Paramedic. Over time, the fascination has changed from wanting to cruise around in a bright coloured ambulance with flashing lights to delivering the best possible frontline care to those who need it most.

I have always considered myself to be a kind and compassionate person who looks out for others and have found that the medical field is the perfect way to do this.

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