Stories of Impact

Everyone has a story. At CQUniversity we take the time to get to know our students, who are able to achieve their education thanks to the scholarships from our generous partners and donor community.

Through scholarships and bursaries, students are supported on their journey to be who they want to be, and by sharing their stories they hope to inspire more of our community to support CQUniCares. 

Be inspired to create change with us and discover the stories of those we’ve come to know.

Mia Collins

Completing my placements have only possible through the support of my scholarships, so I am thankful I can continue my studies and go on to give back to my community.

Gillian Aberley

I am hoping that once I am finished my qualification and can work part-time, some of this burden and strain will be reduced, improving the overall quality of my family’s life.

Chantelle Nightingale

As a single mother of three, and with rising housing and living costs and other basic needs of teenagers, times are getting quite tough. 

Brooke Williams

I am a strong believer that my condition will not define me, nor will it be an excuse for holding me back in pursuing my career and life aspirations.

Craig Ragas

I decided to take a chance, to follow my dream and to make a difference in not only my life but in the hopes of improving other people’s lives as well

Kelly Lee

I have experienced many challenges in my life and have proven that these obstacles are not the end of my story.

Nicole Pomeroy

I am the first of my immediate family to attend University and I want to show my children that you are never too old for learning and that your goals can always be accomplished. 

Alice Pattemore

My scholarship has given me the opportunity to travel to a rural location to perform my placement, enhancing my knowledge in my field and learning certain rural clinical skills.

Kirsty Harper

My scholarship has helped to buy textbooks, pay internet bills and help clear the debt I have obtained travelling to Queensland to attend a residential school.

Linford Hulin Bobart

To reach out when I needed help the most and have them answer my pleas overwhelmed me with emotion.

Deborah Annesley

This reward has brought a welcome relief to the struggles of prioritising needs for university, family and health. 

Morgan Lewis

I have been offered so many amazing opportunities to develop both in my personal and professional capabilities and will be forever grateful.

Keeley Baggow

From the bottom of my heart, I cannot express my gratitude enough. This scholarship has helped not only me, but also my family.

Sean Campbell

As a single father and primary care provider for my three children, the financial strain of studying did have me questioning the future of my degree.

Jardel Palmer

My scholarship meant I didn't have to stress so much on the cost of living, whilst completing my final thesis for mechanical engineering.

Madison Rhule

I am beyond grateful for the generosity of the donors of my scholarship - they will never know the positive impact it has had on my studies and the hope it has given me to never give up!

Noah Goldsworthy

It has been a big motivating factor that has not only helped me out with financial support and networking opportunities, but reminded me that if I put in the work and remain driven, good things will come of it.

Heather Sander

I was certainly able to spend less time worrying about not having money to pay the bills and more time and attention on my studies.

Zac Newland

My scholarships helped me with my textbooks, university fees and accommodation expenses and allowed me to focus on my studies without having to worry about my finances. 

Rhianne Pearce

You are essentially breaking down barriers for students like me to successfully achieve their degree.

Matthew White

My scholarship had a massive impact on my success at university. It got me to graduation and now I’m working as a graduate engineer in my dream job. 

William Crowe

Without my scholarship, I wouldn't have received first class honours and been able to walk straight into a graduate job.