Apply Direct

Find out how to apply direct to CQU plus, learn about the options of when applying direct to CQU is the best method for your circumstances.


There are a few different ways to get to the apply direct portal at CQU. You can either:

  • Visit the how to apply information on your course page, select ‘apply direct’ and follow the prompts
  • Visit the CQU Handbook, choose your course and select the ‘apply now’ button, Then choose the ‘apply direct’ option and follow the prompts
  • Go straight to the apply direct portal and follow the prompts to complete your application.

You will need to either login or create a new account to begin your direct application with CQU. If you need some help, view the application instructions or phone 13 27 86.


Whilst you can apply for CQU courses via Tertiary Admission Centres (TACs) or our ApplyCQU portal, you may be eligible to apply direct to CQU in the below scenarios.

  • I am a past CQU student – meaning you have completed or partially completed CQU’s Skills for Tertiary Entrance Preparatory Studies (STEPS), Tertiary Entrance Program (TEP), or Start Uni Now (SUN) programs, or a CQU certificate, diploma, advanced diploma, associate degree, bachelor degree, graduate certificate, graduate diploma, master or research higher degree, or a unit within these courses.
  • I have received specific communications from CQU outlining the course and intake I can apply direct for
  • I am applying for an eligible TAFE course
  • I am applying for an eligible postgraduate course
  • I am applying for a research higher degree
  • I am applying for STEPS
  • I am applying for SUN
  • I am applying for STN
  • I am applying for a single non-award unit
  • I am applying for the early entry program - Principal's Recommendation Scheme

You will also find specific application information relevant to each of our courses, within the 'How to Apply' section on our course pages.