Pre-requisites and recommended study indicated for your course, help to ensure you have the right level of knowledge before you get started. 

Pre-requisites are the subjects you will need to have completed in high school. The most common pre-requisite is English, with specialist courses sometimes requiring math methods and either biology, chemistry or physics. In some cases, there are courses that require no pre-requisites for entry.   

Be sure to check your course page of interest for details before you begin your application.  

If you can’t meet pre-requisite requirements from your high school studies, these can be met if you successfully complete selected units in our free STEPS pathway program. 

If your course page includes recommended study, these subjects are not a requirement to gain entry to a course, however, if completed will better prepare you for your course.   

If you are a current high-school student undertaking subject selection for Year 10 and think you may want to attend University, it is a good idea to visit the range of course options you may be considering, to check both pre-requisites and recommended study.