Learn more about ATAR and selection rank scores and how these may apply to undergraduate course entry.  

The Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) is a national measure of high school academic achievement. The ATAR score ranges between 30 and 99.95 as the highest score. We use this score to determine if you meet the entry score for the course you apply for. 

Entry score requirements can also be satisfied by a selection rank. A selection rank is a score that is calculated based on a number of different achievements, which may include the following: 

  • adjustment points made to an ATAR score. Refer to information on adjustment schemes.  
  • OP score received before 2020 
  • completion of a TAFE certificate or diploma 
  • completion of a bridging or enabling course 
  • completion of a university qualification 
  • employment history 
  • other learning achievements 

You can receive both an ATAR score and a selection rank. The better score will be used to determine your eligibility for the course you have applied for. 

Entry score use in offer selection

For most CQU undergraduate courses, a rank threshold is provided as the entry score requirement. The rank threshold is the minimum ATAR or selection rank score required to be considered eligible for the course; however, it does not guarantee you will receive an offer, as selection is a competitive process.  You must also meet prerequisite requirements to be considered for your course.  This information is available on your course page of interest. 

If you meet the course entry requirements, your application is sorted with all other applicants and offers are allocated starting from the best rank to the rank threshold.  For some CQU courses with limited places and high demand, offers are allocated before the rank threshold is met, meaning that you may not receive an offer if your rank falls between the threshold rank and the last offer made.  

Entry score thresholds for offers change annually depending on demand.  The student profile for school-leaver applicants provided in the ‘entry score’ section on your course page provides an indication of what entry scores received offers.