CQU considers a number of adjustment factors to selection ranks for undergraduate applications that may apply to you.

Adjustment schemes for undergraduate applicants

Adjustment factors that CQUniversity take into consideration when assessing an applicant’s Selection Rank are regional or equity-based. These schemes apply to all undergraduate courses except for CQU's Bachelor of Education courses.

The regional adjustment factors scheme recognises that applicants from regional and remote Australia may not always have the same opportunities as applicants from capital cities. Therefore, all eligible applicants applying through Tertiary Admissions Centres (QTAC and UAC) from non-metropolitan areas with a preference for CQUniversity will receive an automatic adjustment equivalent to two ATAR positions or two selection rank improvements.

Regional Adjustment Factors are awarded automatically if you reside or attend a school in a region classified as 'inner regional', 'outer regional', 'Remote' or 'Very Remote' under the Australian Standard Geographical Remoteness Classification (ASGC) when you apply for a degree program at CQUniversity.

CQUniversity’s Equity Schemes are designed for prospective students who may have experienced difficult circumstances that have adversely impacted previous or current studies. To be considered for an equity scheme, you will need to apply individually to the relevant Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC or UAC) for a confidential assessment of your circumstances by a Specialist Assessor.

If you are applying for CM17 Bachelor of Medical Science (Pathway to Medicine) and have successfully completed specific Year 12 subjects or university-level study while at school you may be eligible for this scheme.

The number of ATAR/rank adjustments you can receive depends on the subjects/units you complete. Adjustments will be applied automatically for eligible subjects including:

  • 2 ATAR/rank adjustments for achieving a grade of C or higher in Units 3 and 4 of an approved language other than English subject (or an equivalent subject from another approved senior program)
  • 2 ATAR/rank adjustments for achieving a grade of C or higher in Units 3 and 4 of Queensland Specialist Mathematics (or equivalent)
  • 1 ATAR/rank adjustment for successfully completing units CHEM11043 Atoms,Molecules and Matter or ESSC11002 Measurement and Evaluation in Health Science through CQUniversity's Start Uni Now (SUN) program.

If you have completed SUN units, you will need to provide extra details in your QTAC application and upload a copy of your transcript to the supporting documentation section.

If you are applying for CM17 Bachelor of Medical Science (Pathway to Medicine) and live in an eligible rural location, you may apply for the following:

  • 2 ATAR/rank adjustments if you have lived in Rural Australia, or
  • 3 ATAR/rank adjustments if you have lived in both Rural Australia and Central Queensland or Wide Bay.

To check your eligibility for the rural access scheme ,visit the Health Workforce Locator Tool and select the Modified Monash Model (2019) and click on the “Find Address” box and enter your full address.

To identify as a resident of Central Queensland or Wide Bay applicants must submit an application and supporting documentation to demonstrate residence of at least 10 years cumulatively or any 5 years consecutively in Central Queensland and/or Wide Bay since birth.

Central Queensland and Wide Bay means the geographic area defined by the following Local Government Areas, which comprises the designated catchment of the Regional Medical Pathway (or view the Central Queensland and Wide Bay Boundaries map for visual reference):

  • Banana
  • Barcaldine
  • Barcoo
  • Blackall Tambo
  • Boulia
  • Bundaberg
  • Central Highlands
  • Diamantina
  • Fraser Coast
  • Gladstone
  • Gympie
  • Isaac
  • Livingstone
  • Longreach
  • North Burnett
  • Rockhampton
  • Winton
  • Woorabinda

Applications for the Rural Access Scheme are administered by QTAC. When you apply for CM17 Bachelor of Medical Science (Pathway to Medicine), you'll need to provide documents that prove your rural background together with the QTAC cover sheet for the Rural Access Scheme.

The types of documentation may include supporting letters from: a school, university or workplace, health care professional, pharmacist or government agency stating your residential address during the period of enrolment/employment or engagement in that service.

Supporting documents may also include: other documents to verify the duration of residency such as utility bills or bank statements showing your (or your family’s) address at the time of issue, and dates/length of time of residency. These documents can be in your parents’ name(s).

Overall adjustments are capped at a maximum of 10 ATAR positions or 10 selection rank improvements from these schemes. Please note the total adjustments an applicant is eligible to receive for CM17 Bachelor of Medical Science (Pathway to Medicine) is capped at 5 ATAR positions or 5 selection rank improvements for all eligible adjustment schemes.