Teaching careers

Teachers and educators share their skills and knowledge with others. They’re skilled in creating an environment that promotes student learning, and each day, they nurture and influence young people’s lives.

In this career, you’ll develop innovative ways to teach your students, and help shape the future by educating the next generation. You may work in public or private schools, universities, early learning centres, or training colleges, in roles such as: 

  • early childhood teacher,
  • primary school teacher,
  • secondary school teacher,
  • teacher aid,
  • VET trainer,
  • day care educator,
  • centre director, or government roles.

Labour Market Insights (2022) projects growth for teaching roles in Australia. For example, early childhood pre-primary teacher jobs are projected to grow by 21.6% (or 10,600 jobs) by 2026. 

Skills and traits

As an educator, you’ll be knowledgeable in your subject specialties, and an excellent communicator. You’re emotional and social intelligence will help you form meaningful relationships with your students and their families. You’re creative thinking and organised nature will see you develop innovative teaching plans that work for your students.

  • patience
  • social perceptiveness
  • creative thinking
  • problem spotting
  • classroom management
  • organisation and time management
  • adaptability and flexibility
  • excellent communication skills

How to apply

Learn about the different ways to apply for a course to determine the method that best suits your circumstances.