Choosing a Career

When choosing a career, there’s lots to consider, such as:

  • your interests and strengths,
  • what lifestyle you want to live, and
  • how you want to spend your time.

To help you choose a career that suits your goals and aspirations, we recommend following the below career planning steps.

As you explore these steps, you’ll find resources that help match your interests to careers and courses. Plus, we've incorporated some insights from our past students about what motivated them to choose their courses.

Explore your interests, careers and related courses

Our career pages help you explore a range of occupations, including useful skills and traits, and what it might be like in your career of interest. Getting to know a career a little better may help you see where your likes, dislikes, values, and priorities could take you. You’ll also be able to view the study options that will help you reach your career aspirations, and other related fields that may spark an interest.

Accounting Careers

If you’re business savvy and like crunching numbers explore accounting careers, job insights and courses to help you reach your dream accounting career.

Allied health careers

Discover rewarding careers in Allied Health and improve the well-being of others. Learn about courses that will help you reach your career goals. 

Diagnostic imaging careers

Explore rewarding careers and courses in diagnostic imaging for those passionate about helping people and interested in medical sciences.

Digital media careers

Unlock your creativity and build technical skills in digital media. Explore careers in interactive design and courses to help you reach your dream job.

Information Technology Careers

Solve problems and make a positive impact on businesses with a career in IT. Explore job insights and courses that will help you reach your career goals.

Engineering careers

Use your creativity and problem-solving skills to make a real-world impact. Explore engineering careers and degrees to help you land your dream job.

Medical Science Careers

If you want to help others and investigate health issues, consider a career in medical sciences. Discover courses to help you reach your goals.

Nursing Careers

Make a difference by caring for others. Consider nursing as a career and explore courses and job insights to reach your goals in this rewarding profession.

Paramedic Science Careers

Become a paramedic and help save lives and provide medical care in emergencies. Explore job insights and courses to help you reach your career.

Psychology Careers

Intrigued by human behaviour and want to gain deeper insight? Explore careers in psychology and the courses that will help you reach your goals.

Teaching careers

Learn to develop innovative ways to teach your students, and help shape the future by educating the next generation.

Explore courses

Explore our broad range of courses from varying study levels, including short courses, TAFE certificates and diplomas, undergraduate, postgraduate and research higher degrees.