Online Study for School Leavers

As you prepare to graduate high school and begin your studies at university, you may want to know more about studying online and whether it is the right fit for you.

At CQUniversity, our innovative online learning environment is customised to your personal learning journey meaning you can feel confident of having the structure and support you need to succeed at university. Plus, our learning systems mean accessing your study materials is as easy as streaming your favourite videos on YouTube with the same flexibility to access your content on the go. Discover why choosing to study online could be the perfect option for you.

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If you are thinking you're not motivated enough to succeed at online study, you might be surprised to learn that our online learning systems are accessed by both on campus students and online students, providing you with the same structured environment to keep your studies on track.

Whether you are studying on campus or online, you will access your learning materials on our easy to use learning platform, MyCQU. MyCQU is a handy app-like dashboard that will help you navigate to your learning materials and access recorded or live lectures, join forums with staff and fellow students, participate in simulated tours and activities, get started on assignments and access any learning support you need. 

No matter where you are, you will benefit from quick and customised access to suit your lifestyle and keep you progressing in your studies.

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In your first year, you may be looking for some extra guidance as you transition from high school to university and you will have access to a wide range of support - literally at your fingertips!

Join a peer-assisted study session, access after-hours support anywhere, anytime with Studiosity - our free service that allows you to upload a file and receive constructive academic literacy feedback within 24 hours - or make an appointment with our Academic Learning Centre for academic support.

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With hundreds of courses available online, you can be what you want to be. Explore our online courses, from Certificates through to Undergrad, Postgrad and Master's Degrees.

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Studying online allows you to choose when and where you want to study which means you have the flexibility to study ahead or catch up if you get a serious case of #fomo.

Choose to tackle your study in bite-sized pieces, between coffees, around work, or while commuting. Or schedule longer blocks of study periods into your day, whether you prefer to study from a campus, library, home, or in the great outdoors. You will have complete control to manage your learning across your day.

Benefit from the flexibility to watch recorded lectures at a time that suits you or join a live lecture, as well as access readings, forums and learning support, 24/7. Plus, we have a history of delivering online education for over 40 years and continue to innovate our learning systems to make learning online as intuitive as your social feed.


Depending on your course, you’ll have the opportunity to watch recorded lectures at a time that suits you, participate in live online lectures and tutorials, use simulated tours and activities to remotely experience practical elements, join forums with staff and fellow students, access a broad range of materials through the CQUniversity library and keep track of your studies and networking opportunities through the student portal and CQU Central.

Thanks to our small class sizes, you’ll enjoy the opportunity to interact directly with your lecturer and classmates to answer any questions. Throughout your studies you’ll also join an engaged and growing online community, where you’ll connect with other students and form valuable networks.

With over 40 years’ experience in distance education and over half of our Australian students already studying online we’re ready to provide you with a quality virtual learning experience. Rest assured you’ll enjoy the same quality of education when studying with us online that you expect on campus. Your study experience will differ, but you’ll discover new connections and many benefits in an online learning environment including the flexibility to fit study around other commitments, and experience using a variety of technologies.

You’ll enjoy the opportunity to participate in live online sessions or watch recorded lectures at a time that suits you. Our online students are welcomed into a supportive online community allowing you to form valuable connections all over the world.

Our online degrees meet the same accreditation and professional recognition requirements as our on-campus courses, and you’ll receive the same quality education and officially recognised qualification on completion of your studies.

In addition to online study materials and regular communication with our teaching professionals, CQUniversity offers an outstanding range of student support services to assist you throughout your study journey.

As a new student, you will need to become familiar with a lot of information about studying at CQUni. Our experienced staff provide you with a high level of support, offering several services available at any time from wherever you may be studying. Services include Orientation to assist your transition into university life, ongoing assistance through the Student Mentor program, counselling services, support for students with a disability or medical conditions, career planning services and more. These services are available to you online.

Our CQUni Life blog is written by students who’ve been in the same place as you and have experience and advice to share. Explore the blog for useful information on getting the most out of your study, including these great articles:

The online experience has been great for me to better manage tasks and get the most out of my days. The students and staff are all very friendly, welcoming and helpful - plus Moodle is very easy to use.

Emile Balbadhur

Bachelor of Medical Imaging