School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences

Welcome to the School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences.

Our career-oriented courses are designed to help you be what you want to be. You will have access to dedicated and enthusiastic staff with a range of experiences and expertise, including working in or with industry, leading applied research projects, clinical supervision and practice, and teaching and consulting. As well as guiding you through the learning experience, they will help you find resources and build networks to enable you to move towards your chosen career.

We can help you to follow a variety of career pathways including offering courses in agricultural science, environmental science, exercise and sports science, medical imaging, medical science, medical sonography, psychology, paramedic science, health science, and various allied health professions such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and chiropractic care. The School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences also offers a range of vocational training options including beauty services; fitness, sport and recreation; hairdressing; health support and services; horticulture; laboratory skills and sampling and measuring; and workplace health and safety and safety investigation.

Through our courses, you will develop a range of marketable and transferable skills which will be of great use to you in the future, no matter which career path you follow.

Our highly qualified and experienced staff are great teachers, educators and researchers which means that your educational experience will be second to none. Our facilities include health clinics, salons, science laboratories, exercise suites and agricultural and marine field sites which all add essential practical experience to our courses. Our research activities focus on national research priorities that are important for social, environmental and economic well-being, both nationally and globally. A majority of our research is conducted in partnership with local, state and federal governments, industry and other organisations with a particular focus on regional needs.

Please take the time to explore our website and discover what the School has to offer you in both coursework and research programs.


Professor Andy M Stewart

Dean, School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences

Research in the School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences

The applied, ‘real-world’, nature of the research across the school is an important unifying theme for all activities from health to agricultural research. Research impact is driven by a focus on research quality but also through a push for industry and community outcomes that arise from a strong focus on ‘making a difference’. Wherever possible we use our research to support our teaching to further enhance research impact.

The School of Health, Medical and Applied Sciences has a broad range of research activities with close ties with the Institute of Future Farming Systems, Appleton Institute, Coastal Marine Ecosystems Research Centre and the Jawun Research Centre. While many staff conduct research within these Centres and Institutes we also have a number of research clusters or groups within the School including those listed in the following accordions.

The mission of the Experimental Gambling Research Lab (EGRL) is to support the understanding of games of chance through experiment, simulation, and observation. This research group is led by Professor Matthew Rockloff.

The FFF Research Group integrates multiple disciplines in the fields of freshwater aquatic monitoring and ecological analysis of water supplies, vegetation management and function, and wildlife behaviour and habitats. This research group is led by Dr Nathan Brooks-English.

The vision of the MSK group is to improve the quality of life and reduce the burden of musculoskeletal conditions in people living in regional Australia and beyond. This research group is led by Dr Luke Heales and Dr Katie de Luca.