Occupational Health and Safety

With options for those interested in training to enter the workforce, building skills or becoming a work health and safety specialist, CQU's Occupational Health and Safety courses have you covered.

Our OHS courses are designed in consultation with industry, providing you with in-demand skills and knowledge in an industry experiencing continual growth. Benefit from the expertise of our highly-specialised and experienced teaching staff and the flexibility of studying online around your work and personal commitments as you make your next move towards a career in safety science.


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      CQUni offered the best subjects and I could do it all online. The reading material and learning was absolutely fantastic. The skills and the learnings are second-to-none and it enabled me to be able to improve my current workplace.

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      Graduate Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety


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    Study Occupational Health and Safety


    So if you undertake an Occupational Health and Safety course at CQUniversity, you’re going to be exposed to quite a diverse discipline, so it is all about the health and safety of people but we also need to look after the environment in the work that we do so we spend a little bit into that area and we also work a lot with technology and people are interacting with their environment and technology and other people.

    We’ve also got technology that will allow you to survey an accident scene and actually do actually technology that will allow you to survey an accident scene and actually do actual measurements, all on your computer to give you an idea of how to calculate skid marks and how fast was the vehicle going and those sorts things. So a lot of that prepares you online for instance but in a more interactive and immersive way so it’s a bit like you’re experiencing the real deal but in the safety of your own home, so you can make mistakes and you know learn from that.

    All of the lecturers have come from industry so we bring that level of experience with us and you’ll gain from that, but we also bring in guest speakers and we do this because these people are usually leaders in the field and they can offer that breadth and a bit more insights into what they’re doing.

    Although we have a broad range of partners, if you’re you have a particular interest in a particular industry and would like to do your work placement in that area then we can seek a partner in that area.

    So we’ve had students working in the UK for instance and working in high role so management in health safety and environment, we’ve had students doing placement in New Zealand but we’ve even had students go for jobs so they’re going for a graduate position so they, they have very little work experience other than what they’ve done  through our subjects and then this one particular student focused more in the accident investigation area and so they were so taken by what she had done and her project that she had done for the university that they created a graduate position job just for her.

    Probably most people in OHS will work for large businesses and heavy industry because that is where the highest risks are to health and safety. Reason many of the bigger industries are in cities or in regional centres where there’s mining, oil and gas but definitely the transportation industry so aviation and rail and maritime, we’ll all have specialitists, specialty teams of OHS professionals and the associated disciplines like occupational hygienists, human factor experts, ergonomists, accident investigations, contract managers and and really the list goes on.

    If you’re a people person and you’ve got a desire to improve humanity and make it safe and a better for everyone here on earth this is the job for you. If you love solving problems and you’ve got a curious mind and you’re interested in how things work and and why they work and you also want to make a difference, so you’re one of those change maker types and you like diversity, then it’s a perfect job for you.

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