Improve others' wellbeing via spinal adjustment and manipulation as a chiropractor by starting your Chiropractic studies with CQU.

Our Chiropractic courses will give you the hands-on skills to help people feel their best with industry-aligned training, including practical placements in chiropractic clinics. Benefit from the experience of our highly accomplished teaching staff, as well as the support of smaller class sizes.


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      The best thing about the chiropractic course at CQU is the industry experience you get. I really liked the flexibility and real clinic experience of mixed-mode study in some units.

      George Hannaford

      Bachelor of Science (Chiropractic), Master of Clinical Chiropractic


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    CQUniversity and Australian Chiropractic Association


    So the chiropractic program here at CQU runs across five years, our students have a flexible learning environment, which means that they come to campus for all of the practical and skills classes. But when it comes to the lectures, they have the luxury of attending those online and in their own time. I was very passionate about chiropractic at a young age, growing up and seeing how much the community valued my family as chiropractors, and really inspired me to want to give to the community.

    And as a mature student with five kids and working two jobs, being able to study remotely and by distance was of great value. As CQ university is a new chiropractic college. We've been quite supportive over the years as they've developed and they've grown. We have supplied seed funding into the initial startup of the course.

    And over the years, we've supplied additional funding for equipment such as tables, adjusting equipment for students to be able to use as part of their clinical practice. I feel that if you are presented with the opportunity to join an association that is going to be there to guide you and create networks. For you so that you can find like-minded people that you want to be with.

    That is key to chiropractic because we are one big family and the ACA has been really wonderful as a medium of connecting people together. At CQU we think it's important that they join an association right from the beginning. And so they're encouraged to join in first year so that they can interact with the profession and start to feel like they belong to the profession long before they are actual kind of graduates.

    So by all means, associations are very important. They do a lot for us, and we're very appreciative. I think that we're very fortunate to have a good relationship with CQ university. CQ university do a fantastic job producing chiropractors they're a growing [00:02:00] course and they've been very, very open to having the association come in. They've been very thankful for our support, and we're just thankful that we actually have a course in Queensland. We're thankful that we have the opportunity to. Interact with the students because the students really are the future of the profession.

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