When you apply to CQUniversity, if you have previously completed higher education level study, such as an AQF Bachelor degree or higher, you’ll be considered an applicant with higher education study.

Your prior higher education study will provide you with an entry score, or selection rank that will be used to assess your application. In addition to meeting the entry score requirement for your course, you may also have to satisfy prerequisites. Check your course page for full entry requirements.

Your prior high education study can include:

A university degree

When you apply for an undergraduate degree and you have an existing university qualification or a minimum one-year continuous study in a university degree, we will assign a selection rank calculated on the level, duration and Grade Point Average (GPA) of your prior study.

A bridging or enabling course

If you have successfully studied two or more units from CQU’s Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies (STEPS) program, or a bridging or enabling course from another recognised institution, we will determine a selection rank based on units completed and the Grade Point Average (GPA) achieved.

Whether you’ve completed STEPS or a CQU course, you can apply directly to CQU via our direct application portal available via the course page.

If you are seeking to change your CQU course or want to apply for readmission, visit our current student page for relevant links and instructions on how to apply.

If you have successfully completed a higher education degree with a provider other than CQU, you can apply directly to CQU with no application cost via our ApplyCQUni portal.

If your prior study is a bridging or enabling course with a provider, other than CQU, you’ll need to apply via the tertiary admissions centre listed in the “how to apply” section of the course you are interested in.

If you are interested in studying a CQU unit via cross-institutional study? Find out more about cross-institutional study and how to apply.