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Be connected

Your University encourages you to 'Be Connected' and keep your contact details up-to-date, so you can benefit from a diverse range of initiatives and benefits provided to you. Some CQUniversity alumni are missing out on the opportunity to be connected to benefits which could assist throughout their life and career journey. Please encourage your friends/classmates who are not receiving communication from the university to reconnect.

Make sure you don't miss out and visit CQUConnect to update your details today! Alternatively, please contact the Alumni Relations Manager by email or phone +61 7 4923 2898.

Be Connected with Social Media

Connect now with social media and stay in touch with classmates and Your University. Whether your preferred platform is Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you can share and be connected to general information and discussion topics regularly.

Be Connected and Find Friends

Have you lost contact with friends/classmates and would like to get in touch with them? Your university can help you reconnect! Use the Find Friends service to get in touch.

Be Connected and Form an Alumni Network

Your University encourages you to start an alumni network. Your networks could be based on geographical location, common interest or subject, discipline or professional pursuit. All networks have a different demographic, a different focus, a different level of energy. The types and number of activities that take place are tied to the time and resources of the network volunteers. We recognize that our volunteers lead busy lives, and, while networks are self-managed and self-funded, the Alumni Relations Manager provides the following support and guidance to make the representative's role as uncomplicated and, most of all, enjoyable, as possible:

  • acts as liaison between the network and CQUniversity
  • is the point of contact for; and maintains regular communication with the network coordinators
  • coordinates regular e-communications
  • informs, orients and supports volunteers
  • provides resources, ideas and materials to volunteers for network-led activities
  • identifies speakers and/or faculty members for events when available
  • advises volunteers of Be Magazine and Mortar Board Graduate E-News deadlines to facilitate placement of announcements and news

If you are interested in starting a network, please contact us.