Undergraduate Study

If you are interested in applying for an undergraduate course at CQU, in most cases you will need to submit your application via a Tertiary Admission Centre (TAC). To understand which TAC you should be applying to, visit your course page and view the ‘How to Apply’ section. This section outlines the main application options available for that specific course.

In some cases, you may be eligible to apply direct for your undergraduate course and avoid paying a TAC application fee, find out more on the Apply Direct page.

If you are a current Year 12 student applying via the early entry program, Principal’s Recommendation Scheme, you will apply direct to the university and do not need to apply to a TAC for that course.


Yes, in most situations whether you are a school leaver or a non-school leaver who wishes to study an Associate or Bachelor Degree, and some Diplomas, you are required to apply via a TAC.
If you are a school leaver and have studied our Start Uni Now (SUN) program, you may be eligible for direct entry into a CQUniversity course, meaning you can apply direct to the University (not via a TAC).

Educational Access Scheme Benefits for Students with Difficult Circumstances

When you apply via a Tertiary Admission Centre (TAC) to study at CQUniversity you may be eligible to receive adjustment factors as part of the Educational Access Scheme (EAS). The aim of the EAS is to assist students who have experienced difficult and/or complex life circumstances that have negatively impacted on their studies.
Provided you meet the eligible criteria for the EAS, when you apply for a course at CQUniversity via the University Admission Centre (UAC), Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre (VTAC), Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre (QTAC) or South Australian Tertiary Admission Centre (SATAC) you will automatically gain extra points toward your OP/Rank score.

There are five categories of eligibility within the EAS, as follows:

  • Financial hardship
  • Disruptive home environments or increased responsibilities
  • English language difficulties
  • A disability, injury or health condition
  • Education disruption

Eligibility Criteria

For information on eligibility please visit the respective TAC website via the following links:

How to Apply For The EAS

When you complete your QTAC, UAC, VTAC or SATAC application, you’ll be asked to select as many of the EAS categories that apply to you. Make sure you apply for all categories that are relevant to your situation – you’ll need supporting documentation for each category that you select.

For more information on the schemes available please visit the respective TAC website via the following links:

CQUniversity offers Term 1, Term 2 (also known as mid-year) and Term 3 intakes for many courses. Term dates.

Please refer to our course listings for more information about course intake dates to find out when your course of interest is available to start.

Application due dates are prior to the commencement of each term and vary depending on the course you choose and your relevant Tertiary Admissions Centre (TAC). Please refer to the Important Application Dates page for details.

When applying through a TAC, you will be required to confirm your personal details and qualifications, enter your course preferences and make payment for your application.

You will be able to select a number of courses you wish to study, in preference order. You should list your desired courses as your first preferences, your back up in the middle, and your pathway courses as your last preferences. You can change your preferences before and after you are made an offer.

Contact our Student Advice team to help you plan your preferences.

The TAC will use the information you supply to assess your application and complete the selection process. If you are a school leaver your TAC will also use the information you supply to obtain your secondary results.

The selection process is based on eligibility and merit.

  • Eligibility relates to whether or not you meet the minimum entry requirements for a course such as prerequisite subjects, auditions, interviews, and English language proficiency.
  • Merit is expressed in Overall Position (OP), QTAC Selection Rank (SR) or Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR).
  • If you satisfy the minimum entry requirements of your course, you will then compete for a place on the basis of your merit. Offers are made to applicants in descending rank order until all quota places are filled.
  • Please refer to our course listings for more information about minimum entry requirements and OP/SR/ATAR rank indications for our courses.

We understand everyone's circumstances are different and are committed to making education and training accessible by offering many alternative pathways to University.
If you are unsure you meet the eligibility and merit requirements for your desired course, please contact our Student Advice team to discuss your options.

Depending on the outcome of your application, you may be made an offer to study at CQUniversity. You can choose to accept, decline or defer your offer. For offer round dates, please contact your TAC:

  • Queensland Tertiary Admission Centre (QTAC)
  • South Australia Tertiary Admission Centre (SATAC)
  • Universities Admission Centre (UAC)
  • Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC).
  • Western Australia (ApplyCQUni).

If you do not receive an offer to your preferred course contact our Student Advice team to discuss your options.

Accepting your offer and enrolling

If you choose to accept your offer, you will then be able to enrol in the units that belong to your course. CQUniversity supports you with the Enrolment Made Easy website online service to keep you on track.


CQUniversity permits deferment for up to one year for most courses. If you are eligible to defer, you will need to accept your offer through the CQUniversity system and then contact our Student Advice team to defer (you cannot defer through the TAC system).

If you completed Year 12 or its equivalent, have undertaken Senior External Examination subjects, studied at university, TAFE, or a registered training organisation, completed an approved bridging course, or have professional registrations or defence force service, you may be considered for entry on the basis of these qualifications.

It is not necessary for you to have completed year 12 or have formal academic qualifications. There a number of alternative pathways you can use to assist your application, including the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT), Personal Competencies Assessment (PCA) and employment experience.

CQUniversity offers tuition-free preparatory courses, including Skills for Tertiary Entrance Preparation (STEPS) and the Tertiary Entrance Program (TEP), to assist you gain entry into university.

If you are using one of the alternative pathways listed above, you are still required to meet the minimum entry requirements for a course, for example, prerequisite subjects, auditions, interviews, and English language proficiency.

Please contact our Student Advice team to discuss your options.