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You may be wondering what happens after you have applied with CQUniversity via one of the many application options. The first thing that happens after applying for a course is the assessment of your application, either by CQUniversity or the relevant Tertiary Admission Centre (TAC) through which you applied. If your application meets the specific entry requirements you then will be issued with an offer.

On this page, you can read about the key information about the assessment of an application, along with the options you have to respond to an offer.

Assessment of Undergraduate Applications

Undergraduate applications submitted to a Tertiary Admission Centre (TAC) are generally assessed by the TAC on behalf of CQUniversity. Assessment is based on:

  • satisfaction of English Language Proficiency requirements;
  • achievement of Selection Rank standards including evaluation of ATAR scores;
  • satisfaction of any prerequisite requirements which may include but is not limited to senior subjects, auditions, previous qualifications or statements of intent, and then
  • evaluation of any adjustment factors such as regional or equity schemes.

Admission to a course is a competitive process and offers are made based on the merit of performance in meeting the entry requirements of a course as well as the number of places that are available in that specific course. This means, that in some instances, applicants will satisfy the entry requirements but will not receive an offer as there are more qualified applicants than available places.

While most applications to CQUniversity will be via a Tertiary Admission Centre or our ApplyCQUni portal, you may be eligible to apply directly to CQUniversity.  Visit Apply Direct for more information.

Adjustment Schemes for Undergraduate Applicants

Adjustment factors that CQUniversity take into consideration in assessing an applicant’s Selection Rank are regional or equity based. These schemes are applicable to all undergraduate courses except for the Bachelor of Education courses.

The regional adjustment factors scheme recognises that applicants from regional and remote Australia may not always have the same opportunities as applicants from capital cities. Therefore, all eligible applicants applying through Tertiary Admissions Centres (QTAC, UAC and VTAC) from non-metropolitan areas with a preference to CQUniversity will receive an automatic adjustment equivalent to two ATAR positions or two selection rank improvements.

CQUniversity’s Equity Schemes are designed for prospective students who may have experienced difficult circumstances that have adversely impacted previous or current studies. To be considered for an equity scheme, you will need to apply individually to the relevant Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC, UAC, VTAC, SATAC) for a confidential assessment of your circumstances by a Specialist Assessor.

Overall adjustments are capped at a maximum of 10 ATAR positions or 10 selection rank improvements from these schemes. Please note, the total adjustments an applicant is eligible to receive for CM17 Bachelor of Medical Science (Pathway to Medicine) is capped at 5 ATAR positions or 5 selection rank improvements for all eligible adjustment schemes.

CQUniversity does not apply adjustments to an applicant's selection rank for elite athlete, coach or performer status. However, we do participate in the Elite Athlete Friendly University Network and provide support to recognised elite athletes, coaches and performers. For more information, view the our Elite Athlete, Coach and Performer Policy and Procedure.

Age of Applicants for Undergraduate Courses

Applicants to undergraduate courses (excluding the Start Uni Now program) who are under 17 years of age as at 1 November for the Term 3 admission period, 31 January for the Term 1 admission period or 1 July for the Term 2 admission period, who do not have a completed Year 12 qualification may only be considered for admission if their qualifications and level of attainment are acceptable to the Manager, National Admissions and Student Services.

Assessment of Postgraduate Applications

Postgraduate applications are assessed against the specific entry requirements for a respective course. As an applicant you must satisfy all entry requirements to receive an offer so be sure to provide all the necessary documentation to accompany your application.

Admission to a course is a competitive process and offers are made based on the merit of performance in meeting the entry requirements of a course as well as the number of places that are available in that specific course. This means, that in some instances, applicants will satisfy the entry requirements but will not receive an offer as there are more qualified applicants than available places.

If your application is successful, an offer will be sent to the email account you provided on your application. It is important to read your offer carefully and print or save it in a safe place.

To accept your offer, follow the instructions in your offer and make sure you respond by the due date.

QTAC Offers

You will need to accept your offer through QTAC.  Once you have accepted your offer through QTAC, click on the link ‘Enrol at CQU’.  This will link you through to the CQU Student Portal, MyCQU, which steps you through how to enrol in your units and prepare to commence study.

Other Offers

You can accept your offer through MyCQU - MYCQU steps you through the process of accepting your offer, enrolling in units (subjects) and preparing to commence your studies.

You will also find some key information and useful steps to help you along the way as you enrol in your course - visit Enrolment Made Easy.

If you are unsuccessful in your application and believe the University failed to properly assess your credentials for entry to a specific course than you can seek a review of your case by contacting our Student Admissions and Advice Centre on 132786. Your request will be assessed in accordance with the Admission to CQUniversity Coursework Courses Policy and Procedure.

Educational Access Scheme

You may be eligible for entry via an Educational Access Scheme.  Please visit the QTAC website regarding the Education Access Scheme or call 1300 467 822.

Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies (STEPS)

The Skills for Tertiary Education Preparatory Studies (STEPS) is an enabling program offered by CQUniversity which provides you will the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare you to be a successful university student.  Upon completion of STEPS you will be eligible for direct entry into a range of CQUni undergraduate courses.

TAFE Qualifications

Have you considered completing of a TAFE qualification with CQUni TAFE? Funding may be available to support your TAFE studies.  Completing a Certificate III or higher may help you gain entry into an undergraduate course with CQUniversity.

The offer lapse date can be found on your offer letter, also known as the Enrolment Due Date. If your offer lapse date or enrolment due date has passed,  you may still be able to accept your offer. Please contact 13 27 86 to discuss your options.

You can accept the offer after the offer lapse date/enrolment due date other than for the following courses:

  • Bachelor of Medical Science (Pathway to Medicine) (CM17)
  • Bachelor of Medical Sonography/Graduate Diploma of Medical Sonography (CG91)
  • Bachelor of Medical Imaging (CG92)
  • Bachelor of Oral Health (CB29)
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy (CB85)
  • Bachelor of Echocardiography and Cardiac Physiology/Graduate Diploma of Echocardiography (CV69)
  • Bachelor of Nursing (CL91)
  • Bachelor of Paramedic Science (CG95)
  • Bachelor of Paramedic Science/Graduate Certificate in Emergency and Disaster Management (CM40)

If you applied through QTAC and your offer has lapsed (other than for the courses listed above), please call QTAC on 1300 467 822 and advise them that you do wish to accept your offer and request that they reinstate it so that you are able to accept.  Make sure you have your applicant ID number available. The QTAC system will then direct you to the next step to complete your enrolment.

Once you have formally accepted an offer, you will not be able to defer admission, however some courses may allow you to start at a later term by enrolling into a later term of study. Please be aware that not all courses will permit you to commence at a later date, in particular any competitive course and you will be required to submit a new admission application or change your preference with the Tertiary Admission Centre to commence at a later date.

If you have received an offer via the Principals Recommendation Scheme you are not eligible to defer your offer and will need to submit a new application when you wish to commence your studies.

International students who would like to defer their course commencement must connect with CQUniversity by emailing

We are here to help you succeed so please request a callback using this eForm and a member of the Student Engagement Team will contact you.

Once you have accepted your offer, your next step is to enrol. Read more about enrolling at CQUniversity on our enrol page.

If you need more information about applying or want to know more about the application options available, head to our apply page.