Recognition of Prior Learning and Credit

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If you have prior experience or have studied previously, you may be eligible for recognition of prior learning (RPL) or credit. RPL and credit can help reduce your study load and the time it takes to complete your degree. 

Whether you'reinterested in a TAFE course or an undergraduate or postgraduate degree you may receive RPL or credit for the skills, knowledge and experience you have gained through formal, informal, or non-formal learning. 

Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

If you've applied for a higher education course, such as a diploma, associate degree, bachelor, honours, graduate certificate, graduate diploma or masters degree, you may be eligible to apply for RPL based on informal and non-formal methods, such as life experience, work experience or on-the-job training. 

Credit or advanced standing

If you have previously completed equivalent competencies or learning outcomes (formal learning) in the same or similar field in which you are currently studying, you could apply for credit for the units you have completed.

Application Process

Applying for RPL for undergraduate and postgrad degrees

To apply for RPL, you'll need to:

  1. Review the RPL Guidelines Kit in full before making an application using the mapping sheet and supporting documentation in MyCredit (domestic students) or iStart (International students). 
  2.  Submit your completed mapping sheet/s with your supporting documentation through the Credit Application Portal.

If you have additional documentation that exceeds the limit of the Application Form, please submit directly to Ensure you include your name and student number in this email.

Applying for credit for undergraduate and postgrad degrees

The process for applying for credit depends on the way you have submitted your application to study your course of interest with CQU. Please submit only one credit application for your nominated course.

Applying Direct

If you are submitting a direct application to study with CQU, you'll need to apply for credit through ApplyOnline when submitting your application. For more information on how to submit a credit application using our Apply Direct Portal (direct entry), please refer to the Credit Transfer Application Information sheet.

Applying via a Tertiary Admission Centre (TAC)

If you have applied to study your CQU course via QTAC or UAC, wait to receive your offer from CQU, accept your offer and apply for credit through our Credit Calculator page.

Applying via iStart - International Students

If you are an international student seeking credit – apply through iStart. Find out more about international credit transfers.

If you have studied a SUN unit, you can potentially receive credit for your previously completed SUN unit. You'll need to follow the same process as normal credit applications outlined on this page.

Yes, have a read through our RPL guidelines kit. This document will assist you to complete your application and outline additional documentation required.

Please submit your completed mapping sheet (Appendix A of the RPL kit) with your supporting documentation through the Credit Application Form.

Note: Not all courses allow for RPL, please contact the Academic Pathways Team to check eligibility.

You can see what credit you may be eligible to receive for your previous studies through CQU’s precedent database by utilising the Credit Calculator

If you are studying a Higher Education course, then credit will only be considered for studies undertaken at a diploma level or higher qualification within the last ten (10) years.

A time limit of less than 10 years applies for some courses and units due to relevant professional accrediting body requirements, statutory authority and/or industry advisory group requirements.

Credit applications should be submitted at least four (4) weeks before the relevant term commences, please refer to CQUniversity's Academic Calendar for key dates.

For higher education coursework students, if a credit application is submitted after the Monday four (4) weeks prior to the commencement of term, CQU cannot guarantee the outcome of a credit assessment prior to the commencement of, or Census Date for, that term. As no guarantee can be made for the likelihood of a late application outcome by Census date, it is at your own discretion to enrol into unit/s that you have requested a credit assessment towards. 

Credit applications should be submitted at least four (4) weeks before the relevant term commences; please refer to CQUniversity Academic Calendar for key dates.

Applications must be complete with all supporting documentation to be assessed. It is your responsibility to provide all required supporting documentation. CQU cannot obtain documents from other institutions, organisations or individuals on your behalf.

TAFE Courses

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL involves an assessment process of an individual’s previously obtained skills and knowledge that has been achieved outside the formal education and training system. If applying for RPL, you'll need to be currently working in the industry you are requesting RPL for or have worked in the industry in the recent past.

Credit or advanced standing

If you have previously studied a nationally accredited VET course or unit of competency, you may be able to gain credit towards a TAFE skill set, certificate or diploma course with CQUniversity. Credit will reduce the number of units you are required to complete. In some cases, this may shorten the time it takes to complete a course. Credit may not be granted where accreditation, licensing or regulatory requirements prevent it.

Application Process

Applying for RPL for a TAFE course

The RPL process requires your skills to be assessed against industry standards and the specific requirements of a course. You will be required to undertake a comprehensive self-assessment against the performance criteria, performance and knowledge evidence of each unit of competency and provide a range of supporting documentation that is used as evidence to demonstrate your existing skills and knowledge.  A workplace supervisor/manager will need to be nominated to verify that you can/have performed the skill and developed the knowledge required of a unit of competency.
Our Assessor will carefully review your portfolio of evidence, complete a competency conversation and contact your nominated Third Party to confirm your performance in a work setting.  This will enable them to assess how your skills and knowledge are equivalent to the course.

  1. To apply for RPL, please search for your course of interest and click on the apply now button on the course page. You can then select Recognition of Prior Learning. If you have any queries or are unsure about the course please contact CQUniversity's RPL Administration Team at 07 4970 7249 or via email
  2. Complete the RPL Self Evaluation of your skills and knowledge against the unit of competency requirements. A list of required evidence is provided within the self-evaluation and is essential to support your application.
  3. On submission, the RPL Team will access your completed self-evaluation and provide an official quote.
  4. Once you have approved your quote, the RPL Team will generate your invoice for payment. Payment in full will be required to enable the commencement of your assessment.
  5. Upload your portfolio of required evidence and nominate your Third Party (Employer) Verification via our Online system.
  6. Our assessors will complete the assessment process to determine competency achievement.
  7. Any remaining units not achieved via an RPL process will need to be completed via the study pathway to receive your qualification.

Applying for Credit for a TAFE course

Option 1: If you are a new TAFE student, you can submit your credit application within your ApplyOnline course admission application. 
Option 2: If you are an existing TAFE student, you can submit your credit application via the Credit Application Portal

You must attach the following documentation to your credit application:

  • A copy of your verifiable USI transcript. Instructions on how to generate your verifiable USI transcript can be found on the USI website, OR
  • A copy of your official academic transcript or record of results. Unofficial transcripts are not accepted for Credit Transfer Applications.

In line with our regulatory compliance requirements, CQUniversity is required to verify all prior TAFE transcripts before awarding credit. Therefore, if we are unable to verify your transcript via one of our verification pathways, we may require further documentation to assist with this process. If required, instructions will be communicated to you via your student email.
Your application for credit will be assessed after you have accepted your offer with CQUniversity and submitted all supporting documentation. CQUniversity will not be responsible for obtaining documents from other institutions, organisations or individuals. 
Please note that CQUniversity does not complete credit pre-assessments towards TAFE courses.

For credit, a transcript is requested and the process should begin straight away. It's recommended that students provide as evidence their verifiable USI Transcript.

If you are unsure of which units to apply for credit towards, you can leave this section blank and attach your transcript for assessment.   

Credit applications should be submitted at least four (4) weeks before the relevant intake commences; please refer to CQUniversity Academic Calendar for key dates.

You are only able to submit a credit application through MyCredit if you are an existing CQUniversity student. If you are new to CQUniversity, when you apply to study your course, you should submit your credit application within your ApplyOnline admission application.

If you are receiving a message that states ‘No unit exists’ when attempting to add your previous TAFE unit/s to your credit application, please just enter the unit details and click the plus sign to add this unit to your application.

The length of time you have been working for an organisation may not be sufficient evidence to satisfy the RPL process – you must demonstrate that you have the skills required to meet the standard set by industry. Developing new skills in your workplace is also important and regular training should be undertaken.

The cost will vary for each individual as this is dependent on your chosen qualification.It will also depend on your entitlement to any funding or concession that is available and also whether you will be eligible for Transfer Credits.
Costing information will be given to you by our Administration Team when you make your enquiry and obtain the RPL Application Pack.
You can also view the costing information here. 

Yes, it is possible to gain a whole qualification through an RPL pathway with the exception of an apprentice. An apprentice must undertake at least one unit through normal training delivery. Some candidates achieve partial qualifications of one or two units of competency to suit their employment /career goals

If you have current skills and knowledge, but are not employed, you can apply for RPL. However, if a workplace observation is required this may occur at CQUniversity Campus or other suitable location negotiated with your RPL assessor. It is preferable that you be currently employed in the area you are seeking RPL in as you will need to be able to provide current workplace documentation evidence

Credit Calculator

Learn how your prior study might translate to credit for an undergraduate or postgraduate course. Visit our credit calculator to view credit options and formal pathways.