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School of Engineering and Technology

Prof Col GreensillWelcome to the School of Engineering and Technology. We are a vibrant and rapidly growing school with over 275 staff and over 5000 students. Our locations across Australia provide us with unrivalled access; we have one of the largest and fastest growing footprints of any university in the country. We are bringing our focus on engaged and innovative education to benefit students, industry and communities. By providing positive graduate outcomes, and offerings designed in collaboration with industry and business, we ensure students receive up-to-date, real-world skills.

Our expertise lies in the provision of high-quality face to face and online study, allowing us to provide you with learning opportunities regardless of where you are in Australia or the World and the opportunity to tailor your studies to suit your lifestyle and career goals.

Our School offers an outstanding suite of vocational, undergraduate and postgraduate courses including trades and apprenticeships, engineering, asset and maintenance management, project management, information systems, information technology, built environment, aviation and rail operations.

CQUniversity's courses have a strong focus on industry relevance to ensure our graduates are work-ready. Our engineering courses have been developed in consultation with key stakeholders in the sector. Our engineering specialisations include civil, electrical, mechanical, mechatronics and mining. In the vocational area, we offer courses in automotive, fitting and machining, metal fabrication, and process plant operations. Our engineering students are changing the world we live in.

While our engineering students are changing the world, our Built Environment graduates' designs change the world in which we live. Our Built Environment programs specialise in, Building Design, Building Surveying and Construction Management. They are available completely online and are designed primarily for those already working within the industry, allowing you to up-skill and gain a quality qualification to meet your career advancement goals. In the vocational area, we offer courses in carpentry, bricklaying, plumbing, electrical and utilities.

Our technology students are changing the way we change we communicate and the devices we use to communicate. Our range of information technology programs includes everything from systems, programming, application development, security and analysis, while our range of Multimedia programs will equip you to take on the exciting world of web design, video production and digital entertainment. A range of our technology programs are also available across the metropolitan campuses.

The School of Engineering and Technology courses in aviation provide you with opportunities to pursue a career in the aviation and aerospace industries giving then the theoretical and practical they need to gain employment.

In addition to our outstanding suite of undergraduate programs, the School of Engineering and Technology also offers a full suite of postgraduate coursework programs including maintenance management, project management, railway signalling, rail operations and accident investigation general management, information systems and information technology.

Research is a major focus within our School, we have two high performing research centres: the Centre for Railway Engineering and the Centre for Intelligent Systems. We undertake industry-focused research and consultancy work in a number of areas of significance for regional Queensland and the wider Australian community, including rail, power and energy and materials. We're also Australia's leading destination for Engineering Education Research.

Whatever your goal within the Engineering, Built Environment, Information Technology and Research fields, we look forward to welcoming you to the School in the very near future.

Professor Colin Greensill
Dean, School of Engineering and Technology