College of Project Management, Built Environment and Asset and Maintenance Management

The College of Project Management, Built Environment and Asset and Maintenance Management offers an outstanding suite of undergraduate, and postgraduate courses. Our courses have a strong focus on industry relevance and are taught by industry experts.

Project Management

Project management is the application of processes, methods, skills, knowledge, and experience to achieve project objectives and is one of the most rapidly expanding professions in the world, applicable to many industries and sectors. . 

Explore project management techniques and practices and develop advanced and specialist skillsets to build your industry credentials with our postgraduate courses. Our graduate certificate develops your ability to initiate and develop effective plans to meet project goals, while the graduate diploma extends your understanding of project management. 

The Master of Project Management focuses on the hard technical and soft human aspects of project management, enhancing your knowledge via coursework, and a research project. Project Management courses have been globally recognised as programs of a very high standard including teaching, student learning, institutional development and academic research quality, where the courses are accredited by the PMI Global Accreditation Centre (PMI-GAC).

Built Environment

Our undergraduate Built Environment courses support the employability and professional career options of our graduates by holding industry accreditations. We are proud that our students enjoy some of the leading graduate outcomes and student support experiences in the country*. We also offer postgraduate courses that will provide you with advanced knowledge and skills to further your career and provide you with the opportunity to become part of our research community and advance to a PhD.

Built Environment has been a consistent innovator in the provision of courses that meet the needs of the construction sector and allow students working in-industry to upskill and gain qualifications to advance their career.

With a choice of building design, building surveying or construction management, our selection of built environment courses has a strong focus on industry relevance. Gain a practical understanding of the latest industry innovations, codes and practices, and the ability to interpret the appropriate documentation and regulations, all while studying flexibly online.

*The Good Universities Guide 2021

Asset and Maintenance Management

Our Asset and Maintenance Management courses provide professionals engaged in the asset management, an opportunity to update their knowledge in the field, achieve further qualifications and advance their career. Since first being introduced as an initiative from the resource industry, based on the concept of 'by the industry, for the industry', the course has now been redeveloped by encompassing not only the maintenance phase of assets but the complete asset management activities.

The courses are focused on asset management, lifecycle, leadership, reliability, safety, asset management process maturity and maintenance and tribology.  You are free to choose electives based on your interest, as well as company needs. All Asset and Maintenance Management courses are offered flexibility online, giving you the freedom to study at a time and place of your choice and assisting you to integrate your work and study commitments.

Choose between our Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Masters courses, with clear articulation pathways in between, and equip yourself with the tools to understand, lead and improve organisational maintenance management.

Upon successful completion of each of the qualifications, students can approach Asset Management Council, Australia to apply for:

  • CTAM – Certified Technical Specialist in Asset Management (successful completion of CC19)
  • CPAM – Certified Practitioner in Asset Management (successful completion of CC20)
  • CSAM – Certified Senior Principal in Asset Management (successful completion of CC18)

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We are committed to providing our students with up-to-date industry knowledge to ensure our graduates are work-ready. Internships play an essential role in developing required skills and expertise whilst enhancing your employability, networking opportunities and employment prospects.

Our College offers all students the opportunity to work in an industry-relevant organisation and experience on-the-job training when enrolled in the Master of Project Management.

College of Project Management, Built Environment and Asset and Maintenance Management Courses