Master of Project Management

Duration2 years full-time, 4 years part-time
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Next start termTerm 2, 2024
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Course codeCV84
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$30,600 (Indicative) (FFP)
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Study the Master of Project Management to develop advanced discipline knowledge and skills to lead and manage projects within diverse work settings. This course focuses on both the hard technical and soft human aspects of project management through both course work and research, as used in large commercial and public organisations. Specialise in one of the four minors; Hospital and Health Services Management, Information Systems, Information Technology, and Management. Benefit from the option to complete a research, practicum, or internship stream in your final year and tailor your Master's to suit your career goals.

The Master of Project Management is fully accredited by the Project Management Institute - Global Accreditation Centre for Project Management Education Programs (GAC-PMI). Graduates are eligible to accrue professional development units (PDUs) upon successful completion of the course.

This course provides an opportunity for you to extend your knowledge through coursework into project management and/or develop a research career in your relevant profession. This course focuses on the hard technical and soft human aspects of project management. All the course materials have been aligned to the Project Management Institute (PMI) global standards and core bodies of knowledge. In the final year of the course, you can choose one of three streams; a research stream, a practicum stream, or an internship stream.

If you opt for the research stream your project can be based on either your workplace or issues that are important to your profession. The research stream will also allow you to meet the eligibility criteria to enrol in a PhD. program should you have a plan for an academic career as it suffices the threshold ratio of the research components in the Masters Course. The practicum is student-led and you will develop a project within a simulated company environment. Alternatively, you can opt for an internship, and if you are eligible, you will be placed at a host organisation to further develop your skills and competencies and obtain authentic experience in project management. While undertaking the qualification you will be well prepared to contribute to future growth and change in the projects you are involved in whilst at the same time enhancing your individual career advancement opportunities.

Mission Statement for CQUniversity’s project management courses

CQUniversity’s School of Engineering and Technology believe project management is a lifestyle and is committed to improving the world for current and future generations through outstanding teaching and learning, scholarship and practice. We carry out this mission through world-class, project management education, based on global standards and cutting-edge research conducted in the discipline, in order to skill and educate the next generation of project managers.

Vision for CQUniversity’s project management courses

Our vision is to be a global leader in project management education, embracing engagement and innovation, with a can-do attitude. As part of this vision, we are transparent in our communication with our stakeholders, we are inclusive, and strive to cultivate our greatness by offering project management courses for everyone. The Project Management Team at CQUniversity strives to be a leader by hiring and promoting people who are leaders, developing them, and developing a culture where leaders influence non-conventional thinking.


The new era of sustainability, net zero and readiness to net zero is all about projects. We have to achieve this change by conducting projects, which means that we need project managers.

Master of Project Management at CQUniversity, I believe is one of the greatest masters. Our programs are very well received by many industries.

We are getting their feedback on what the market is requiring right now, what the industry future looks like and how we can support the industry by filling the gaps in terms of competencies and skills.

The students are coming from different backgrounds: engineering, agriculture, psychology… and when the students are working together you can see how sharing knowledge in a real example inside the classroom is growing others’ expertise.

One of the good indicators about our courses is the unconditional accreditation from the Project Management Institute. We are among eight universities across Australia who were successful to get this accreditation, and this is evident about the quality of our courses. 

In the Master of Project Management, we have 3 streams. We have the practicum, we have the research stream, and we have the internship. And, this was designed in order to meet their different background for all of our students.

Internship is, providing a very real-life experience to the students, and this provides them to be hosted by real companies so they will liaise with the company for 10 weeks, work for the company and then most of the time they will end up with achieving a very good evaluation and get the job.

I was inspired to study a Master of Project Management because I really wanted to hone my project management skills. I chose their research stream because I found that I really enjoyed doing research and the skills you can also get such as being organised, disciplined, thorough. So, all of those are things I found really enjoyable. 


So, the Master of Project Managementprovides different minors to the students. Students are able to take a set of units that promote them to get a minor and we are working in developing more minors to suit the students’ background.

We've got staff who are teaching in project management and they are coming from different backgrounds. It's another added value to the students.

In studying Master of Project Management at CQUniversity, I gained several connections through my lecturers and tutors, so this also opened doors for me in terms of looking for work in the project management field.

So, I hope to become a project manager within sectors that can create a lasting impact in our society. And through my studies in CQU, this has opened the doors for me to be able to do just that. 

Project managers are very well equipped with the knowledge to mitigate risk to manage risk and to predict the future. After COVID, the world is bouncing back, so we need project managers everywhere and I believe that the statistics is really true that the demand on project managers will grow in the next five years exponentially. So, go for it.


Study experience

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities are endless for Project Management graduates. Employment can be found many industries, such as Engineering, Business, IT, Construction, Health, Government, Mining, Transportation and many others. The course will boost your career advancement prospects and provide a competitive advantage for you over others without this qualification.

Structure & Availability


You are required to complete 11 core units and either a four-unit minor in Hospital and Health Services Management, Information Systems, Information Technology or Management. Alternatively, you can complete four electives from the list provided rather than a four-unit minor.


For information on the units, you could study as part of this course, visit the Handbook and select the "Course Structure" tab.


If you have already completed study relevant to the course you have enrolled in, you may be eligible for credit transfer.


On-Campus Availability

Term 1, 2024Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney
Term 2, 2024Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney
Term 3, 2024Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney
Term 2, 2025Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney

Online Availability

Term 1, 2024Available Online
Term 2, 2024Available Online
Term 3, 2024Available Online
Term 1, 2025Available Online
Term 2, 2025Available Online

Hospital and Health Services Management minor
This minor set you up to work in healthcare industries by combining your project management studies with healthcare settings. You'll examine Australian healthcare structures, organisational culture, managing access and assessing change. 

Information Systems minor
This minor introduces foundational IT skills and knowledge including programming, and information systems analysis and design. Plus, you will examine workplace culture and the importance of professional communication. 

Information Technology minor
This minor introduces foundational IT skills and knowledge including programming, network and cyber security, and information systems analysis and design.

Management minor
Enhance your management expertise and develop skills in effective business communications, governance discussions, human resource management, and effective digital marketing communications.  

This course has no residential schools.

Learned Society - Project Management Institute Inc


The CV84 Master of Project Management course is internationally accredited by the Project Management Institute Global Accreditation Center for Project Management Education Programs (GAC)
Students and graduates are entitled to benefits and resources from the PMI

Project Management Internship - PPMP20017

Students have the option of undertaking an internship as part of the internship stream instead of the project management practicum or research units.


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