College of Information and Communications Technology

The College of Information and Communications Technology offers a suite of vocational, undergraduate and postgraduate IT study options, allowing you to develop your skills or advance your career by offering a variable understanding of professional industry IT skills, knowledge and applications, culminating in a choice of specialisations at the advanced level.

Increasing globalisation and fast-paced technology means the scope of careers in ICT is rapidly expanding. We are responding to the increased global demand for ICT professionals by future-proofing our qualifications with a focus on big data and cybersecurity alongside real-world industry placements and projects.

Undergraduate information technology students can choose from majors in application development, business analysis and cyber security, expanding their skills and knowledge in cryptographic technologies, analysing and solving complex business challenges and building applications. 

Postgraduate students will extend this knowledge with minors in software design and development, networks and information security, mobile application development, information security or artificial intelligence.  Our Master of Information Systems has been designed with a focus on big data, business intelligence and business process management – ideal for those postgraduate students seeking to gain a competitive edge.

Our college is committed to providing outstanding outcomes for our students. Our undergraduate computing and information systems students benefit from five-star teaching quality and skills development, plus excellent median starting salaries upon graduating* while postgraduate computing and information systems students enjoy five-star skills development and overall experience.

*The Good Universities Guide 2021


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We are committed to providing our students with up-to-date industry knowledge to ensure our graduates are work-ready. Internships play an essential role in developing required skills and expertise whilst enhancing your employability, networking opportunities and employment prospects.

Our College offers all students the opportunity to work in an industry-relevant organisation and experience on-the-job training when enrolled in the Bachelor of Information Technology, Master of Information Technology and Master of Information Systems.

College of Information and Communications Technology Courses