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With a wide range of courses in Information Technology available, including TAFE certificates and diplomas, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, you can gain the skills and knowledge to get started or advance in IT with CQU. 

Learn from supportive and experienced lecturers and teaching staff while gaining skills relevant to just about any industry. With a strong focus on industry relevance, studying Information Technology with CQU will ensure you graduate work-ready and highly employable. 


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      I decided to study Information Technology because you can study a wide range of areas, which gives you a chance to discover what you're good at and like the most. I was a bit nervous because I'd been out of high school for a while, but the group I was in was great.

      Erin Lewis

      Bachelor of Information Technology


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    Study Information Technology


    This is an information age. Information gives organization power, so being involved in an industry which uses technology to give them that power is pretty exciting and very important.

    Some of our unique features in Information Technology courses are that our degree allows them a co-op option where students can have paid internship or industry placement which is extremely important for students because it allows them to get that hands-on skills that is highly sought after in the industry. A part from that there are specialisation options that students can choose from for example in cyber security or application development and systems analysis, also they can choose from a range of elective units that are developed in consultation with industry on cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and cyber security.

    Also we have a flexible learning opportunity, we have distance education mode, so if students are not able to come to the campus especially for domestic students they are allowed to study from anywhere they are located. All these things make our degrees very unique and of course the industry accreditation by Computer Society in Australia is another added feature.

    We say that there are more jobs in future in IT that we don’t know about but knowing what we know now there are lots of possibilities for career opportunities for IT graduates. For example software engineering, computer programming, we have graduates who can work as a security analyst, mobile programming development and system analyst.

    In cyber security measures, students will learn on, learn about techniques and technologies that are required for creating and maintaining secure networking environment.

    In business analysis measure, the focus is on solving a business problem, in doing so students will learn skills and techniques and technologies which will allow them to elicit requirements from their clients, analysing what they really need, propose solutions and manage the project.

    In the application development measure, the focus is on building applications, in simple terms that may mean programming. We teach our students techniques and tools about web programming, mobile application developments, as well as other general application developments.

    The Bachelor of IT Co-op involves investment in the industry or organisation. Students work there while they are studying and they get paid for. Very important outcome of this program, is that they get the hands on skills and exposure to the industry which may times have led to future employment by the students. There are many types of industry that our students go for their internship for example web hosting and web development company, software development and mobile apps technical company, systems development kind of company and also network administration companies.

    There are also opportunities if students are not studying in the Co-op mode. They can still have industry exposure through their final year project, which they can do through industry placement, so there are these opportunities as well.

    Students studying the Bachelor of IT can access a range of facilities that relate directly to their studies for example they will have exposure to latest tools and technologies through doing their lab work for example so they can have cyber security tools, cryptographic technologies and techniques that they will learn to use that is highly valued in the industry. Having our class sizes fairly small especially the tutorial and labs, it gives students the opportunity to interact and learn from each other with other students as well as their tutor or their lecturer.

    Our lecturing team is highly skilled and specialised in different topic areas within ICT. Because they have done their PhD specialising in different topics in ICT and they also actively engaged in research, so these kind of exposure give them the latest information that they can share with their students. That is a great opportunity for our students to see what is beyond their classroom, you know. So that instils in them a dream that they will use their skills and techniques and technologies learned here to change the world for better place or even fulfil their dream.

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