Our commitment to the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is demonstrated through a range of activities and initiatives aligned to SDG17 Partnerships for the Goals. These activities and initiatives include engagement with policymakers and stakeholders, conferences, international collaborations, student activities, research efforts and activities and more.


Explore our policies which align with SDG 17 Partnerships for the Goals.

This Sustainability Policy outlines the requirements of the executive, managers, employees and students in meeting the environmental sustainability objectives of the University. The Policy sets a clear turning point about the image it is portraying and various benchmarks the University is set for its teachers, students, employees, service providers and stakeholders about the sustainability of its activities.

Sustainability at the University is holistic through interconnecting elements to signify that one’s actions are connected to the larger picture and we are guided by our Sustainability Framework. Our sustainable development is focused on balancing social, economic and environmental needs and will be implemented through:

  • engaging and empowering our employees, students and the community on sustainability issues
  • establishing University-wide targets to reduce energy, water, solid waste and pollutants
  • fulfilling our commitment to sustainable building designs and facilities
  • developing sustainable campuses, and
  • incorporating sustainability topics for teaching and research as interrelated components in all fields offered at our university.