As part of CQUniversity's focus on sustainability, we collaborate and engage with a range of stakeholders, including government and non-governmental organisations (NGO's).

We encourage and support participation in the discussion of new ideas, innovative and critical thinking, and open and inclusive conversations around community and societal challenges and solutions and provide a safe space for this to occur.

Through our teaching, research and outreach programs we not only provide benefit to our communities and regions we serve throughout Australia, but we also provide a safe space for our stakeholders to connect in a meaningful way to discuss challenges and contribute to decision-making processes.

Our values support us as we create and offer safe spaces for our communities, government and non-government stakeholders to come together and discuss challenges safely and respectfully. Our value of inclusiveness explicitly states "We embrace and celebrate diversity and strive to improve access and participation. We promote respect, honesty and unity with safe and inclusive environments. We work together to create positive and tangible change with our communities.".

Our students 

With a focus on engagement, social outreach and giving back to our communities, we provide opportunities for our students to contribute to activities and social initiatives that align with the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).

Our research programs

We collaborate and work with stakeholders on a range of research programs aimed at creating a better future for tomorrow.

Our educational resources

Our students, academics and teaching teams collaborate with a range of groups to develop educational resources that identify solutions that lead towards a more sustainable and better future. More information on our educational courses, units and other ways to study sustainability at CQU can be found here

CQUniversity partners with thousands of individuals, organisations, and businesses nationally and internationally to create and exchange knowledge, deliver services, and find solutions.

The University actively supports the development of sustainable communities in many ways, including through collaborative community/university Region Engagement Committees.

Region Engagement Committees, comprising of industry, business, government, community, and university members, take community-identified opportunities forward and work together to deliver more sustainable regions.

Throughout the year we run a variety of Office of Indigenous Engagement events open to the general public to attend. Our events take place at a number of our campuses, in many regions across the country, offering video conference access to selective events.

To find out more about events coming up at a location near you or hear more about our research and other Office of Indigenous Engagement project join our digital mailing list today. 

If you have feedback about an event you attended, a suggestion for an upcoming speaker or would like to volunteer to help with our events please email

When you complete your CQUniversity Australia qualification, from a Certificate I to a Doctorate and everything in between, you automatically become a member of the alumni cohort and your University is proud to support you.

CQUniversity Australia currently has over 115 000 alumni. The alumni cohort includes graduates from CQUniversity and its predecessor institutions and post-merger (July 2014) TAFE graduates. We want to stay connected to each and every one of you.

There are significant mutual benefits for graduates keen to actively partner with us including.

  • Access to students for work experience opportunities, projects and internships (particularly useful during peak workload times)
  • Access to academics and CQUniversity’s work-integrated-learning careers team (who can promote any employment opportunities you may have)
  • Mentoring, guest speaking opportunities (help inspire and motivate students who will one day become our – and possibly your – future workforce)
  • Feedback opportunities (your input will help CQUniversity develop programs that will meet the real-world needs of your workplace, potentially reducing organisational recruitment and training costs.

More information is available here.