CQUniversity academics regularly collaborate with international entities on researching, writing and publishing journals that involve the collection of data on matters relevant and aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).

View the sample below outlining some of the papers submitted in 2022 to international academic publications as a result of collaborations between our academics and International entities.

Tribhuvan University, Nepal; Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences, Nepal; University of Bergen, Norway; Nyaya Health Nepal, Nepal; BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Nepal; Kathmandu Institute of Child Health, Nepal; Harvard Medical School, United States; Koirala, B., Adhikari, S.R., Shrestha, A., Vaidya, A., Aryal, K., Kalaunee, S., Shretha, A., Mishra, S., Sharma, S., Karki, A., Maharjan, B., Singh, S., Schwarz, D., Gupta, N., Bukhman, G. and Karmacharya, B. (2022).A National Equity Initiative to Address Noncommunicable Diseases and Injuries: Findings and Recommendation from the Nepal NCDI Poverty Commission. Kathmandu University Medical Journal,20(79) 323-329
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong; Nanyang Technological University, SingaporeSheetal, A., Chaudhury, S.H., Savani, K. (2022).A deep learning model identifies emphasis on hard work as an important predictor of income inequality. Scientific Reports,12(1) 
Federal University Rio Grandw Do Sul, Brazil; University of Applied Sciences Hamm-Lippstadt, Germany; University of Vale Do Rio Dos Sinos, BrazilPasandideh, F., da Costa, J.P.J., Kunst, R., Islam, N., Hardjawana, W., and Pignation de Freitas, E. (2022).A Review of Flying Ad Hoc Networks: Key Characteristics, Applications, and Wireless Technologies. Remote Sensing,14(18) 
Prince of Songkla University, Thailand; University of Minnesota, United States; Aligarth Muslim University, IndiaHussain, T., Hussain, N., Tahir, M., Raina, A., Ikram, S., Maqbool, S., Fraz Ali, M. and Duangpan, S. (2022). Impacts of Drought Stress on Water Use Efficiency and Grain Productivity of Rice and Utilization of Genotypic Variability to Combat Climate Change. Agronomy,12(10) 
Khulna University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh.Ayon, S.I., Islam, M.M., Hossain, M.R. (2022).Coronary Artery Heart Disease Prediction: A Comparative Study of Computational Intelligence Techniques. IETE Journal of Research,68(4) 2488-2507
Medical College of Rzeszow University, Poland; Karolinska Institute, Sweden; Croatia University of Applied Health Sciences, Croatia; The European Specialist Nurses Organisation, Netherlands; Michigan State University, United States; Arellano Unviersity, Philippines; Nipissing University, Canada; San Raffaele Hospital, Italy; Medical University of Gdansk, PolandKosydar-Bochenek, J., Krupa, S., Religa, D., Friganovic, A., Oomen, B., Williams, G., Vollman, K., Rogado, M. I. C., Goldsworthy, S., Lopez, V., Bioni, E. and Medrzycka-Dabrowska, W.   (2022).Work climate in emergency health services during COVID-19 pandemic—An international multicenter study. Frontiers in Public Health,10
Tribhuvan University, Nepal Sitaula, C., Shahi, T.B. (2022).Monkeypox Virus Detection Using Pre-trained Deep Learning-based Approaches. Journal of Medical Systems,46(11) 
Taylor's University, MalaysiaIslam, M.S. and Haque, A. (2022).Faculty readiness for online crisis teaching: The role of responsible leadership and teaching satisfaction in academia. International Journal of Educational Management,36(7) 1112-1130
Southeast University, ChinaZhu, L., Zhu, Q. and Zhao, X. (2022).Identifying determinants of student learning effects in intensive online environments: an empirical investigation in civil engineering education. International Journal of Construction Management
Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh; International University of Business Agriculture and Technology, Bangladesh; JU Data Mining Research Lab, BangladeshAurpa, T.T., Rifat, R.K., Ahmed, M.S., Anwar, M. and Ali, S. (2022).Reading comprehension based question answering system in Bangla language with transformer-based learning. Heliyon,8(10) 
Auckland University of Technology, New ZealandCowling, M.A., Crawford, J., Vallis, C., Middleton, R. and Sim, K. (2022).The EdTech difference: Digitalisation, digital pedagogy, and technology enhanced learning. Journal of University Teaching and Learning Practice,19(2) 1-13
Ahmedabad University, India; Christ (Deemed to be University), India; Institute for Human Development, IndiaYadav, V., Unni, J., Naik, R. and Dutta, S. (2022).Gender Differentials in Entrepreneurship: Insights from a Multi-method Study. Journal of Entrepreneurship,31(1) 30-64
Edinburgh Napier University, United KingdomDrake, E., Jeffrey, G. and  Duckett, P. (2022).Colonised minds and community psychology in the academy: Collaborative autoethnographic reflections. American Journal of Community Psychology,69(3-4) 415-425
Australian University, Kuwait; Glasgow Caledonian University, United KingdomWaly, M.M., Ahmed, T., Abunada, Z. Mickovski, S. and Thomson, C. (2022).Constructed Wetland for Sustainable and Low-Cost Wastewater Treatment: Review Article. Land,11(9) 
Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, Saudi ArabiaMahmudul, H.M., Akbar, D., Rasul, M.G., Narayanan, R. and Mofijur, M.  (2022). Estimation of the sustainable production of gaseous biofuels, generation of electricity, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions using food waste in anaerobic digesters. Fuel,310
Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical Unviersity, Iraq; Tafila Technical University, Jordan; Auburn University, United States; Southern Technical University, IraqAl-Manea, A., Al-Rbaihat, R., Kadhim, H.T., Alahmer, A., Yusaf, T. and Egab, K. (2022).Experimental and numerical study to develop TRANSYS model for an active flat plate solar collector with an internally serpentine tube receiver. International Journal of Thermofluids,15
Southwest Jiaotong University, ChinaZhou, Z., Chen, Z., Spiryagin, M., Wolfs, P., Wu, Q., Zhai, W. and Cole, C.  (2022).Dynamic performance of locomotive electric drive system under excitation from gear transmission and wheel-rail interaction. Vehicle System Dynamics,60(5) 1806-1828
University of Technology - Iraq, IraqEzzi, A.A., Fayad, M.A., Al Jubori, A.M., Jaber, A. A., Alsadawi, L. A., Dhahad, H., A., Chaichan, M. T., Yusaf. T.  (2022).Influence of fuel injection pressure and RME on combustion, NOx emissions and soot nanoparticles characteristics in common-rail HSDI diesel engine. International Journal of Thermofluids,15
East China Normal Unviersity, China; Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment, Viet Nam.Bai, S.H., Omidvar, N., Gallart, M., Kamper, W., Tahmasbian, I., Farrar, M., Singh, K., Zhou, G., Muqadass, B., Xu, C., Koech, R. and Li, Yujuan. L. (2022).Combined effects of biochar and fertilizer applications on yield: A review and meta-analysis. Science of the Total Environment,808
Makerere University, Uganda; University of Cape Coast, Ghana; Australia Africa Universities Network (AAUN) PartnerDzator, J., Acheampong, A.O., Dzator, M., Paolucci, F., Yawe, B., Asmah, E., Andoh, F., Kabagenyi, A. and Gillespie, J. (2022).Policy Stringency, Handwashing and COVID-19 cases: Evidence from Global dataset. Health Policy and Technology,11(2) 
University of Oulu, Finland; University of Aberdeen, United KingdomAli, I., Arslan, A., Chowdhury, M., Khan, Z. and Tarbo, S. (2022).Reimagining global food value chains through effective resilience to COVID-19 shocks and similar future events: A dynamic capability perspective. Journal of Business Research,1411-12
University of Sharjah, United Arab EmiratesAli, I., Aboelmaged, M.G.S. (2022).Implementation of supply chain 4.0 in the food and beverage industry: perceived drivers and barriers. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management,71(4) 1426-1443
Central South Unviersity, China; Changsha University of Science & Technology, ChinaLiu, W., Shan, M., Zhang, S., Zhao, X, and Zhai, Z. (2022).Resilience in Infrastructure Systems: A Comprehensive Review. Buildings,12(6) 
University of Canterbury, New ZealandPender, A.M., Wilson, W.J., Bainbridge, R.G., Schluter, P., Spurling, G. and Askew, D. (2022).Ear and hearing health in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 15 years and older: A scoping review. International Journal of Audiology,
University of Massachusetts, United StatesDesroches, M.L., Howie, V.A., Wilson, N.J., and Lewis, P. (2022).Nurses’ attitudes and emotions toward caring for adults with intellectual disability: An international replication study. Journal of Nursing Scholarship,54(1) 117-124
University College Cork, Ireland; University of Essex, United Kingdom; University of Surrey, United Kingdom; Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany; Virginia Tech, United States; Princeton University, United StatesNoor-A-Rahim, M., Liu, Z., Lee, H., Khyam, M., He, J., Pesch, D., Moessner, K., Saad, W. and Poor, H. (2022).6G for Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) Communications: Enabling Technologies, Challenges, and Opportunities. Proceedings of the IEEE,110(6) 712-734
King Saud University, Saudi Arabia; University of Calabria, ItalyRashid, M.M., Kamruzzaman, J., Mehedi Hassan, M., Imam, T., Wibowo, S., Gordon, S. and Fortino, G. (2022).Adversarial training for deep learning-based cyberattack detection in IoT-based smart city applications. Computers and Security,120
Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia; The Public Authority of Applied Education and Training, Kuwait; University of Pahang, Malaysia; University of Technology, Iraq; Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, JordanYusaf, T., Fernandes, L., Talib, A.R.A., Altarazi, Y. Alrefae, W., Kadirgama, K., Ramasamy, D., Jayasurinya, A., Brown, G., Mamat, R., Dhahad, H. and Benedict, F. (2022). Sustainable Aviation—Hydrogen Is the Future. Sustainability (Switzerland),14(1) 
Henan University of Science & Technology, China; Luohe Food Vocational College, ChinaZheng, B., Ding, Y., Johnson, J.B., Xiang, J., Li, Z., Zhang, Y. and Luo, D. (Enrichment and bioactivities of polyphenols of crude extract by deep eutectic solvent extraction from foxtail millet bran.2022). International Journal of Food Science and Technology,57(12) 7974-7983
Al-Hussein Bin Talal University, JordanLaimon, M., Mai, T., Goh, S. and Yusaf, T. (2022).System dynamics modelling to assess the impact of renewable energy systems and energy efficiency on the performance of the energy sector. Renewable Energy,1931041-1048
The University of Comilla, DhakaAljaafari, A., Fattah, I.M.R., Jahirul, M.I., Yuantong, G., Mahlia, T., Islam, M. and Islam, M. (2022).Biodiesel Emissions: A State-of-the-Art Review on Health and Environmental Impacts. Energies,15(18) 
Universiti Putra Malaysia, Malaysia; Mondash University-Southeast University Joint Graduate School and Monash Suzhou Research Institute, China; Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, MalaysiaAltarazi, Y.S.M., Abu Talib, A.R., Yusaf, T., Yu, J., Gires, E., G., M. and Lucas, J. (2022).A review of engine performance and emissions using single and dual biodiesel fuels: Research paths, challenges, motivations and recommendations. Fuel,326
National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan; Duke University, United StatesNousheen, R., Hashmi, I., Rittschof, D. and Capper, A. (2022).Comprehensive analysis of spatial distribution of microplastics in Rawal Lake, Pakistan using trawl net and sieve sampling methods. Chemosphere,308
Massey University, New ZealandEgan, A.L., Rolfe, J., Cassells, S. and Chilvers, B. (2022).Potential changes in the recreational use value for Coastal Bay of Plenty, New Zealand due to oil spills: A combined approach of the travel cost and contingent behaviour methods. Ocean and Coastal Management,228
Italian National Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, Italy; Consiglio Nazionale delle Richerche, Italy; FBK-Bruno Kessler Foundation, Italy; University of Calabria, Italy; University of Genoa, Italy; University of Palmero, Italy; University of Corsica, France.Rende, S.F., Bosman, A., Menna, F., Lagudi, A., Bruno, F., Severino, U., Montefalcone, M., Irving, A., Raimondi, V., Calvo, S., Pergent, G. and Pergent-Martin, C. (2022).Assessing Seagrass Restoration Actions through a Micro-Bathymetry Survey Approach (Italy, Mediterranean Sea). Water (Switzerland),14(8) 
Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology, BangladeshRahman, A., Farrok, O. and Haque, M.M. (2022).Environmental impact of renewable energy source based electrical power plants: Solar, wind, hydroelectric, biomass, geothermal, tidal, ocean, and osmotic. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews,161
National Council for Scientific and Technical Research-National University of San Luis, ArgentinaSchlagloth, R., A. Morgan, E., Cadman, T., Santamaria, F., McGinnis, G., Thomson, H., Kerlin, D., Maraseni, T., Cahir, F., D. Clark, I., Clode, D. and Mcewan, A. (2022).Applying landscape-level principles to koala management in Australia: a comparative analysis. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management,
Saint Louis Unviersity, Untied States; Max Planck Institute for Animal Behaviour, Germany; James Hutton Institute, Scotland, United Kingdom; Charles Darwin Research Station, Ecuador; Compulutense University of Madrid, Spain; Galapagos Conservation Trust, EcuadorPike, K.N., Blake, S., Gordon, I.J., Cabrera, F., Nieto-Claudin, A., Deem, S., Guezou, A. and Schwarzkopf, L. (2022).Sharing land with giants: Habitat preferences of Galapagos tortoises on farms. Global Ecology and Conservation,37
US Geological Survey, Western Ecological Research Centre, United States; The University of the South Pacific, FijiLowe, C., Keppel, G., Waqa, K., Peters, S., Fisher, R., Scanlon, A., Osbourne-Naikatini, T. and Thomas-Moko, N. (2022).Fijian sea krait behaviour relates to fine-scale environmental heterogeneity in old-growth coastal forest: The importance of integrated land–sea management for protecting amphibious animals. Ecology and Evolution,12(4) 
Holetta Research Centre, Ethiopia; International Livestock Research Institute, Ethiopia; Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security, The Royal School of Verterinary Studies and The Roslin Institute, United StatesDejene, M., Dixon, R.M., Walsh, K.B., McNeill, D., Seyoum S. and Duncan, A. (2022).High-cut harvesting of maize stover and genotype choice can provide improved feed for ruminants and stubble for conservation agriculture. Agronomy Journal,114(1) 187-200
Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, ChinaBird, S., Amarakoon, U., Liang, X. and Pearson, D. (2022).The vital role of law in fighting Australia’s food waste. Alternative Law Journal,47(3) 211-216
The National University of Malaysia, Malaysia; University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Universiti Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia; Malaysian Association of Adolescent Health, MalaysiaZakaria, E., Kamarudin, N.N., Mohamad, Z.S., Suzuki, M., Rathakrishnan, B., Singh, S., Rahman, Z., Sabramani, V., Shaari, A. and Kamaluddin, M. (2022).The Role of Family Life and the Influence of Peer Pressure on Delinquency: Qualitative Evidence from Malaysia. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,19(13) 
Consultant Criminologist, SingaporeBrooks, N., Honnavalli, V. and Jacobson-Lang, B. (2022).Children of ISIS: considerations regarding trauma, treatment and risk. Psychiatry, Psychology and Law,29(1) 107-133


East West University, BangladeshKhan, S.I., Afroze, R. and Zaman, L. (2022).Inclusive climate and the performance of employees from Muslim diaspora in the Western Organisations. Asian Academy of Management Journal,27(2) 135-161
University of Bath, United Kingdom; Far Eastern University, Philippines; University of Dhaka, Bangldesh; Harvard Medical School, United States; University of South Carolina, United States; Pasat Kajian Gizi Regional Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia; Nerweigian Institute of Public Health, NorwayBiswas, T., Townsend, N., Huda, M.M., Maravilla, J., Begum, T., Pervin, S., Ghosh, A., Mahumud, R. A., Islam, S., Anwar, N., Rafhat, R., Munir, K., Wiradnyani, L. A. A., Radel, T., Baxter, J., Rawal, L. B., McIntyre, D., Morkrid, K., and Mamun, A. (2022).Prevalence of multiple non-communicable diseases risk factors among adolescents in 140 countries: A population-based study. eClinicalMedicine,52
Tribhuvan Unviersity, Nepal; Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences, Nepal; Kathmandu Medical College and Teaching Hospital, Nepal; University of Bergen; Nyaya Health Nepal, Nepal; Nepal Development Society, Nepal; BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Nepal; Kathmandu Institute of Child Health, Nepal; Harvard Medical School, United StatesKoirala, B., Adhikari, S.R., Shrestha, A., Vaidya, A., Aryal. K. K., Shrestha, A., Mishra, S. R., Sharma, S. K., Karki, A., Maharjan, B., Singh, S., Schwarz, D., Gupta, N., Bukhman, G. and Karmacharya B. M. (2022).A National Equity Initiative to Address Noncommunicable Diseases and Injuries: Findings and Recommendation from the Nepal NCDI Poverty Commission. Kathmandu University medical journal (KUMJ),20(79) 376-383