If you have successfully completed a Certificate III, Certificate IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma qualification or, completed one semester of a Diploma or Advanced Diploma with a registered Vocational Education and training (VET) provider or University you may be able to use this prior study to meet entry requirements for a CQU course.

Your entry score

Your prior TAFE or VET studies can be used to allocate you with an entry score, or selection rank, that you can use for your application to a CQU undergraduate course.

If you have completed an accepted VET qualification, CQU will allocate the following entry scores.

(competency based on with a grade point average  
of 4.0 for graded qualifications) 

Selection Rank/ATAR* 

Completed Certificate III 


Completed Certificate IV 


Completed Diploma 


Completed Advanced Diploma 


*Selection Rank and ATAR scores are equivalent. The rank you receive for your VET study depends on your GPA, and the number of units you have completed if you have an incomplete diploma or advanced diploma, which means your allocated score may be higher or lower than what is listed in the table above.

Applying to CQU

Depending on your selected course entry requirements you can apply directly via your course page. Check the How to Apply requirements of your course of interest.

If you have completed your VET studies with another Registered Training Organisation provider, you can apply via the relevant Tertiary Admission Centre or portal as outlined further on your course page or undergraduate apply information.