The Counselling team aims to assist students with any issues that may negatively impact their studies. Our goals are the success of our students in their studies and the promotion of their personal resilience and wellness.

Contact Counselling

Student Counsellors are available to assist you with both academic and personal counselling services. To self-refer and arrange a free face-to-face or phone appointment, contact, or phone 07 4930 9456 or visit a study location near you.

Counselling FAQs

The Counselling team can assist you to achieve success with your study, to prepare for a career and to enhance personal growth. Student Counsellors are also available if you simply need someone to talk to or need help getting through a particularly rough patch. For more information, read these counselling facts.

Academic Counselling

The Counselling team can help with personal issues that may impede your academic progress and your personal professional development. They will also help you to acquire effective study skills like motivation and time management which are requisite for successful tertiary study. Visit our Academic Counselling services.

How to Refer someone to Counselling

These are signs and symptoms of students who may be experiencing difficulties.

Student Counselling Referral Form

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Student Counseling is supported by funds from the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF). All SSAF funds are used to enhance or extend student services and facilities in accordance with funding guidelines. Find out more about SSAF funding allocation.