Multi-faith Chaplaincy Centre

Multi-faith Chaplaincy Centre

Awakening an awareness of our primary identity and our primary purpose here on earth brings with it harmony through a deep sense of connectedness with each other and our environment.

Our Vision

With an open heart and mind, the CQUniversity Multi-faith Chaplaincy is an inclusive and welcoming space where students, staff and our wider communities are invited to explore through thoughtful reflection, worship and spiritual practices issues and values of importance to individuals, the University organisation, and wider communities.

We celebrate what we share in common and, in humility, celebrate our differences while at the same time recognising we are one human family. We will respect each person's spiritual journey and chosen faith tradition.

Through our activities, we aim to nurture harmony, peace and happiness in our world.

Our Values

Inclusiveness: The spirit of welcoming, valuing the stranger.

Respect: The spirit of reverence, valuing the sacred in each person.

Diversity: The spirit of tolerance, valuing difference by accepting that each person belongs to and contributes significantly to the whole.

Compassion: The spirit of deep listening, valuing that we are all connected and drawing strength and healing from each other.

Intellectual Endeavour: The spirit of understanding to broaden and open minds to new learning.

Hope: The spirit of trust, valuing that we are deeply loved.

Faith: Valuing belief in a power for good that both embraces us and emanates from us.

Justice: The spirit of fairness and equity, working for a world where those with more recognise the needs of those with less.

Integrity: The spirit of honesty, trust and openness.