Agriculture students standing in front of cattle yards checking on the cattle

CRESC hosts PhD and Master’s research students across four theme areas of research: applied economics, supply chain, workforce development, human resource management and regional futures. For more information about our current PhD students and their research, see their Research Student profiles. CRESC PhD programme and scholarships are an opportunity for talented individuals to embark on their career in a vibrant and collaborative research culture. If you are interested in pursuing a research higher degree, please get in touch to find out about our current opportunities.



Bajjet Naresho

Thesis Title:  Impact of supply chain collaboration on the Tanzanian Agricultural Supply Chain Performance: Roles of Partner Commitment and Transaction Cost.

Supervisors:  Dr Imran Ali

Ngoc Dang Khoa Nguyen

Thesis Title: A proposed framework to develop Post-modern ERP strategies for success in digital business transformation

Supervisors:Dr Swee Kuik & Imran Ali

Irina Pavlyuk

Thesis Title: The relationship between internal communication and team performance in event management at Australian hotels

Supervisors: Dr Anja Pabel

Xiaolie Qi

Thesis Title: The Influence of Word-Of-Mouth and Source Credibility on Consumers' Purchase Intentions of Green Products

Supervisors: Dr Janice Ban & Dr Swee Kuik

Mahmoud Shreim

Thesis Title:  Examining the Big Data Analytics Capabilities on Organisational Performance: Mediation Effect of Business Intelligence; A study of Jordanian Banking Industry Sector

Supervisors: Dr Angelique McInnes

Ashini Soysa

Thesis Title: Geopolitics and how it impacts the Australian Supply Chain

Supervisors:  Dr Imran Ali

Gillian Walker

Thesis Title: Developing an innovative Business Model for the Sustainability of Small-Scale Dairy Farmers in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia

Supervisor/s: Dr Azad Raham &  Dr Vanita Yadav

Geoffrey Webster

Thesis Title:  A comparative study of local area marketing (LAM) techniques used by small to medium enterprises (SME's)

Supervisor/s: Dr Tasadduq Imam & Dr Cait White

Josephine Buckman

Thesis Title: Supermarkets as superheroes to fight food waste in Australian households.

Supervisor/s:  Dr Jayanath Ananda

Stephanie Clara Deenmamode

Thesis Title: Australian Gen Z Perception towards Green Marketing of Sustainable Fashion

Supervisor/s: Dr Sardana Khan & Dr Nazi Nabi

Dedi Dewanata

Thesis Title:  Corporate social responsibility orientation in ethical financial institutions in Australia

Supervisors: Dr Tasadduq Iman

Ranmuni Priyantha Dharmawickrema

Thesis Title:  Effective Working Capital Management through Corporate Governance and Corporate Characteristics: Evidence from Small and Medium Enterprises in Queensland, Australia

Supervisors:  Dr Tasadduq Iman

Jannatul Ferdous

Thesis Title: The Impact of COVID-19 and assessing consumers' willingness to pay for pharmaceutical supply chain in regional Queensland, Australia

Supervisors: Dr Anita Medhekar & Dr Rahar Hossain

Danica Jobson

Thesis Title: Minimising household food waste through behaviour change interventions: an empirical, multidisciplinary study

Supervisors: Dr Nazia Nabi

Khouloud Kamalmaz

Thesis Title:  Enhancing Foodbank's stakeholder Engagement

Supervisors:  Dr Upamali Amar

Kapil Khanna

Thesis Title:  Opportunities For Redesigning Supply Chains of SMEs According to Circular Economy Principles.

Supervisor/s: Dr Janice Ban & Swee Kuik

Mathias Makozhombwe

Thesis Title:  Exploring lean transformation processes in an Australian mining organisation

Supervisor/s: Dr Tage Andersson & Dr Vanita Yadav

Ronald Addo-Quaye

Thesis Title: Towards the design of disruptive business model Innovation

Supervisor/s: Dr Cait White

Nimeshika Aloysius

Thesis Title:Influence of Consumers’ Motivation, Opportunity and Ability in Leftover Food Management on Reducing Household Food Waste in Australia

Supervisor/s:  Dr Jayanath Ananda

Somu Bhattacharya

Thesis Title:  The Role of Digital Technologies in Disrupting Mango Value Chain

Supervisor/s: Dr Imran Ali

Sabrina Haque

Thesis Title: Developing an Efficient Export Supply Chain for Queensland’s Perishable Agricultural Commodities

Supervisor/s:Dr Azad Rahman, A/Prof Delwar Akbar & Prof Susan Kinnear

Mathias Makozhombwe

Thesis Title: How to drive successful Lean transformation in Australian mining operations

Supervisor/s:Dr Tage Andersson & Dr Vanita Yadav

Pawandeep Pawandeep

Thesis Title: Pathways and Experiences of Women on Government Boards - a Regional Queensland Perspective.

Supervisor/s:Dr Imran Ali & Dr See Kuik

Josephine Buckman

Thesis Title: Supermarkets as superheroes to fight food waste in Australian households

Supervisor/s:Prof David Pearson, Gami Karunasena & Dr Jayanath Ananda

Somu Bhattacharya

Thesis Title: The Role of Digital Technologies in Disrupting Mango Value Chain

Supervisor/s:Dr Imran Ali & Prof Kerry Walsh

Maybelle Arago

Thesis Title:Modelling and Optimisation of an Integrated Manufacturing-distribution Plan in Multi-echelon Supply Chains

Supervisor/s: Dr Swee Kuik & Dr Tage Andersson

Nimeshika Aloysius

Thesis Title: Influence of In-Store Retail Environment and Customer Behaviour towards Suboptimal Food in Reducing Household Food Waste

Supervisor/s: Dr Ann Mitsis & Dr Jayanath Ananda

Gillian Walker

Thesis Title: Developing an innovative Business Model for the Sustainability of Small-Scale Dairy Farmers in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia

Supervisor/s:Dr Azad Rahman, A/Prof Delwar Akbar & Dr Vanita Yadav

Jannatul Ferdous

Thesis Title: Impacts of COVID -19 Pandemic on Supply Chain Management (SCM) for Medical Products in Regional Queensland, Australia

Supervisor/s: A/Prof Delwar Akbar, A/Prof Gulam Khandaker & Dr Rahat Hossain

Bajjet Naresho

Thesis Title: Impact of collaboration on agro-supply chains: a mediating role of commitment and transaction cost management.

Supervisor/s: A/Prof Delwar Akbar & Dr Imran Al

Huy Minh Phan

Thesis Title: Industry 4.0 Technologies and Sustainable Warehousing.

Supervisor/s: Dr Imran Ali & Dr Swee Kuik


Malik Muhammad Abid

Thesis Title: The extent government financial incentives encourage innovation and impact financial management of Australian small businesses in a disaster situation: A case study on Australian COVID-19 Job keeper program

Supervisor: Dr Tasadduq Imam

Ishor Adhikari

Thesis Title: Investment in Financial Market: Factors to be considered while investing in the financial market from an individualinvestor's perspective.

Supervisor: Dr Tasadduq Imam

Raheel Ahmed

Thesis Title: Impact of Cryptocurrency on the Economy of Australia

Supervisor/s: Dr Galina Williams & Dr  Tasadduq Imam

Saminda Arambewala

Thesis Title:  Asian representation within Australian Corporate Leadership: Barriers, enablers and the value of a culturally diverse organisation

Supervisor: Dr Sardana Khan

Nazeh Baarini

Thesis Title: Analysis of Opportunities, Anomalies, Challenges and possibilities of using Islamic Financial System in Australia

Supervisor:  Dr Monika Kansal

Pinnaduwa Hewa Nimali De Silva

Thesis Title:  Potential of FinTech lending as an alternative to traditional lending for Australian SMEs

Supervisor: Dr Tasadduq Imam

Hans Egger

Thesis Title: Technology-based client engagement platform in the financial planning process: An evaluation

Supervisor: Dr Tasadduq Imam

Faisal Fauzan

Thesis Title: Fraud on Islamic Financing and Role of Sharia Advisory Board Structure (Rearrangement Sharia Advisory Board on Indonesian Islamic Banking)

Supervisor: Dr Tasadduq Imam

Mohammad Shahriar Hossain

Thesis Title:Effect of AI integration in compliance: An extensive survey on FINTECH and REGTECH in Australia

Supervisor: Dr Tasadduq Imam

Faizan Ismail

Thesis Title:Bank Profitability Management in times of Crises – Empirical evidence from Australia

Supervisor: Dr Tasadduq Imam & Dr Lan Sun

Lei Jiang

Thesis Title: Financial risk management in financial institutions and corporations

Supervisor/s: Dr Anita Medhekar, Dr Galina Williams & Dr Tasadduq Imam

Reis Kaluka

Thesis Title:  Households willingness to pay for the emissions reduction options

Supervisor/s: Dr Galina Williams & Dr Angelique Williams

James Karami

Thesis Title: How do accounting and financial management practices in Australian small businesses impact their sustainability?

Supervisor: Dr Tasadduq Imam

Kulasingam Kularadhan

Thesis Title: Impact of Urban Designs on Behaviour of Local and Visitor Population - A study of Yeppoon, Queensland

Supervisor: Dr Michelle Thompson

Aarthi Kumar

Thesis Title: Regional Queensland: An  investigation into the nature and impact of disruptors on the residential property market.

Supervisor: Dr Galina Wiliams

Sairoong Lourigan

Thesis Title:Factors impacting the financial wellbeing of people in the regional areas – the case of North Burnett region

Supervisor: Dr Lan Sun

Raafa Mahmood

Thesis Title: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Accountants

Supervisor: Dr Tasadduq Imam &  Dr Lan Sun

Thi Tuyet Anh Nguyen

Thesis Title: Investor attention and house prices in the Australian housing market.

Supervisor: Dr Lan Sun

Shruti Deepak Parab

Thesis Title: Financial remediation in Australia – Suggesting an optimised model to increase efficiency

Supervisor: Dr Tasadduq Imam

Mate Sebok

Thesis Title: Investing goes green - Barriers and incentives in environmental friendly financing

Supervisor: Dr Tasadduq Imam &  Dr Lan Sun

Rodrigo Zilleruelo Estanol

Thesis Title:  Valuing eco-engineered ecosystems in ports and estuaries: The case study of Gladstone (Queensland, Australia) harbour.

Supervisor: Dr Jeremy De Valck

Dwi Sulastyawti

Thesis Title: An implementation and impacts of Micro Waqf Bank as an Islamic Microfinance Institutions for Borrowers Business
Improvement in Islamic Boarding School in Indonesia

Supervisor: Dr Tasadduq Imam & Dr Galina Williams

Md. Zillur Rahman

Thesis Title: Social, Economic and Environmental Dimensions of Affordable Housing in Australia Regional Towns: An Application of Geographic Information Systems.

Supervisor/s:A/Prof Delwar Akbar & Prof John Rolfe

David Cowley

Thesis Title: Understanding Local Government Leadership in Regional Queensland.  A Case Study Approach

Supervisor/s:Prof Julian Teicher, A/Prof Linda Colley & Imam Tasadduq

Michael Vail

Thesis Title:Sustainable valuation of pastoral zone grazing land: A new method: value, price, and the premium (Queensland: 1966-2016).

Supervisor/s: Dr Azad Rahman, A/Prof Delwar Akbar & A/Prof Garrick Small

Karla Steen

Thesis Title: Pathways and Experiences of Women on Government Boards - a Regional Queensland Perspective.

Supervisor/s: Prof Julian Teicher, A/Prof Linda Colley

James Thomas

Thesis Title: Evaluation of Historical Capital Gains in Australian Cropping Land: Northwest New South Wales Study Region.

Supervisor/s: Prof Delwar Akbar & A/Prof Garrick Small

Jaba Rani Sarker

Thesis Title:An Economic Analysis of the Impact of Practicing Climate Smart Agriculture by Rice Producers in Bangladesh.

Supervisor/s: Jayanath Ananda & Prof John Rolfe

Ivan Lozano Mendez

Thesis Title: Understanding the Experiences of Temporary Work Migrants in Australia

Supervisor/s: A/Prof Linda Colley & Dr Sardana Khan

Shibli Rubayat Islam

Thesis Title: Socio-Economic Contribution of Foreign Direct Investments in the Export Processing Zones and Economic Zones of Bangladesh.

Supervisor/s: Dr Jayanath Ananda, Dr Quamrul Alam & S M Mahfuzur Rahman

Carmel Marshall

Thesis Title:In-home Out-back: recruitment, retention, and support of the in-home care workforce in remote-rural Australia.

Supervisor/s: Dr Ashlyn Sahay & Prof Dean Carson

Jonathan Repin

Thesis Title:The impact of centralisation/ amalgamation on collaboration and competition practices within the healthcare sector in remote communities in Queensland

Supervisor/s: Prof Dean Carson & A/Prof Olav Muurlink

Wendy Leegel

Thesis Title: ICT Contingency worker conundrum: A critical path commodity but are they devalued by leadership culture and organisational socialisation design

Supervisor/s: Dr Biplob Ray, A/Prof Linda Colley & Dr Sardana Khan


Ashley Cooper

Thesis Title: "The ‘Not So’ Off Beaten Track”: Film as a medium for positive environmental sustainability in remote destinations in the adventure tourism sector.

Supervisor/s: Dr Michelle Thompson

Diakite Mory

Thesis Title: Options for avoiding land-mining conflicts in developing countries: A case study from the Côte dIvoire

Supervisor/s: Dr Susan Kinnear

Narelle Pearse

Thesis Title: The role of regional universities in regionalisation

Supervisor/s: Dr Susan  Kinnear

Andrew Sivijs

Thesis Title:Knowledge management and transfer as a determinant of the longer term success of regional tourism festivals and events

Supervisor/s: Dr Michelle Thompson

Ginny Stenner

Thesis Title: "The ugly truth: Without accessing affordable financial advice and improving financial capabilities, women will accumulate poverty not wealth as intended through Australia's retirement savings system."

Supervisor/s: Dr Tasadduq Iman & Dr Lan Sun

Imraan Yousuf

Thesis Title: Closing the Tap - A study to investigate the factors affecting attraction and retention of skilled workers in regional Queensland’s water industry

Supervisor/s: Dr Upamali Amarkoon

Simin Yu

Thesis Title:  Digital transformation of Australian small and large enterprises

Supervisor/s: Dr Cait White

Rachel Bryan

Thesis Title: Investigating the contribution of groundwater to surface waters and riparian vegetation in a subtropical river catchment

Supervisor/s: Dr Nicole Flint

William Dantas Charles

Thesis Title: Unravelling movement patterns and use of habitat of the giant mud crab (Scylla serrata) in the East Coast of Queensland

Supervisor/s: Dr Nicole Flint

Mohammad Shahriar Hossain

Thesis Title: Female mud crabs (Scylla serrata) in Queensland’s east coast fishery: Investigating life history and reproductive characteristics

Supervisor/s: Dr Nicole Flint

Nathan Johnston

Thesis Title: Developing Indexes for Agricultural Water quality: Evaluating an Australian case study

Supervisor/s: Dr Nicole Flint

Manuja Lekammudiyanse

Thesis Title: Sapiotemporal variations in seagrass flowering: Can spatial models of seagrass flowering benefit seagrass restoration?

Supervisor/s: Dr Nicole Flint

Christopher Lowe

Thesis Title: Assessing the value of improved connectivity in subtropical estuarine fish habitats

Supervisor/s: Dr Nicole Flint

Samantha Matthews

Thesis Title: What are the barriers and enablers to implementing the Statement of Choices Form B tool by the Office of Advanced Care Planning for Residential Aged Care Residents with known Cognitive Impairment?

Supervisor/s: Pammie  Ellem

Stephanus Nieuwoudt

Thesis Title: The characterization of post-capture stress in Ranina ranina: Identifying handling and transport techniques that increase post-capture survivorship.

Supervisor/s: Dr Nicole Flint

Luke Ryan

Thesis Title: What is the experience of healthcare clinicians in rural and remote areas participating in a Research building Capacity Program?

Supervisor/s: Dr Pammie Ellem

Tania Skewis

Thesis Title: Is fluctuating asymmetry a good indicator of fish health in Queensland and Australian estuaries?

Supervisor/s: Dr Nicole Flint

Megan Wise

Thesis Title: Determining the factors during the pre-registration program of study and initial employment that assist workplace performance upon employment as a registered nurse.

Supervisor/s: Pammie  Ellem


Kellie Dyer

Thesis Title: Beyond the Barriers, how does geographic location influence the needs of Women
Entrepreneurs and Innovators in achieving success?

Supervisor/s: Dr Vanita Yadav

Raja Ginting

Thesis Title: Study of use of digital technologies for learning and its relationship with job performance

Supervisor/s: Dr Cait White & Dr Nazia Nabi

Heidi Hodge

Thesis Title:Health Research and Education Ventures In Small Rural Communities

Supervisor/s:Dr Dean Carson & Dr Michelle Thompson

Ivan Lozano Mendez

Thesis Title: Understanding the Experiences of Temporary Work Migrants in Australia

Supervisor/s:Dr Sardana Khan

Syeda Barjees Naqvi

Thesis Title: An investigation on how Covid has forced leaders and management of large corporations to make changes to their strategies to survive?

Supervisor/s:Dr Amlan Haque

Ritangi Narang

Thesis Title:Sustainability education in business and accounting schools in India: perceptions of business Deans and Academics

Supervisor/s: Dr Monika Kansai

Thi Phuong Anh Nguyen

Thesis Title: Enhancing Remote Workforce Management Using Workforce Analytics

Supervisor/s: Dr Upamali Amarakoon

Thanippuli Arachchige Anusha Nandani Perera

Thesis Title: Impact of Employee Wellbeing on the Quality of Care Services: Evidence from the Australian Age Care Sector.

Supervisor/s: Dr Upamali Amarkoon &  Dr Sardana Khan

Manju Sharma

Thesis Title:Influence of leader’s emotional intelligence on psychological safety and performance of employees:   Evidence from the Australian Hospitality Industry

Supervisor/s: Dr Sardana Khan

Rebecca Tisdale

Thesis Title:A critical discourse analysis of casual employment as represented in the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety

Supervisor/s: Dr Cait White

Hoang Thanh Van Vo

Thesis Title: How Social Capital Influences Organisational Resilience In The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Study Of Small Business
In Victoria, Australia

Supervisor/s:Dr Sardana Khan

Shimo Zhang

Thesis Title:The Role of High Performance Work Systems and Guanxi in the Context of the Chinese Construction Industry

Supervisor/s: Dr Sardana Khan

Ellie Cutmore

Thesis Title: Can positive learning experiences during aged care placements improve student mindsets on aged care nursing and motivate employment in the aged care industry?

Supervisor/s:Dr Pammie Ellem