CRESC Research Students




Md. Zillur Rahman 

Social, Economic and Environmental Dimensions of Affordable Housing in Australia Regional Towns: An Application of Geographic Information Systems. 

Supervisors: Prof Delwar Akbar and Prof John Rolfe

David Cowley 

Understanding Local Government Leadership in Regional Queensland.  A Case Study Approach. 

Supervisors: Prof Julian Teicher, A/Prof Linda Colley and Imam Tasadduq

Michael Vail 

Sustainable valuation of pastoral zone grazing land: A new method: value, price, and the premium (Queensland: 1966-2016). 

Supervisors: Dr Azad Rahman, Prof Delwar Akbar and A/Prof Garrick Small

Karla Steen 

Pathways and Experiences of Women on Government Boards - a Regional Queensland Perspective. 

Supervisors: Prof Julian Teicher, A/Prof Linda Colley

James Thomas 

Evaluation of Historical Capital Gains in Australian Cropping Land: Northwest New South Wales Study Region. 

Supervisors: Prof Delwar Akbar and A/Prof Garrick Small 

Jaba Rani Sarker 

An Economic Analysis of the Impact of Practicing Climate Smart Agriculture by Rice Producers in Bangladesh. 

Supervisors: Dr Jayanath Ananda and Prof John Rolfe

Ivan Lozano Mendez 

Understanding the Experiences of Temporary Work Migrants in Australia. 

Supervisors: A/Prof Linda Colley and Dr Sardana Khan

Shibli Rubayat Islam 

Socio-Economic Contribution of Foreign Direct Investments in the Export Processing Zones and Economic Zones of Bangladesh. 

Supervisors: Dr Jayanath Ananda, Dr Quamrul Alam and S M Mahfuzur Rahman

Carmel Marshall 

In-home Out-back: recruitment, retention, and support of the in-home care workforce in remote-rural Australia. 

Supervisors: Dr Ashlyn Sahay and Prof Dean Carson

Jonathan Repine 

The impact of centralisation/ amalgamation on collaboration and competition practices within the healthcare sector in remote communities in Queensland. 

Supervisors: Prof Dean Carson and A/Prof Olav Muurlink

Wendy Leegel 

ICT Contingency worker conundrum: A critical path commodity but are they devalued by leadership culture and organisational socialisation design. 

Supervisors: Dr Biplob Ray, A/Prof Linda Colley and Dr Sardana Khan




Sabrina Haque 

Developing an Efficient Export Supply Chain for Queensland’s Perishable Agricultural Commodities. 

Supervisors: Dr Azad Rahman, Prof Delwar Akbar and Prof Susan Kinnear

Mathias Makozhombwe 

How to drive successful Lean transformation in Australian mining operations. 

Supervisors: Dr Tage Andersson and Dr Vanita Yadav

Pawandeep Pawandeep 

Pathways and Experiences of Women on Government Boards - a Regional Queensland Perspective. 

Supervisors: Dr Imran Ali and Dr See Kuik

Josephine Buckman 

Supermarkets as superheroes to fight food waste in Australian households. 

Supervisors: Prof David Pearson, Gami Karunasena and Dr Jayanath Ananda

Somu Bhattacharya 

The Role of Digital Technologies in Disrupting Mango Value Chain. 

Supervisors: Dr Imran Ali and Prof Kerry Walsh

Maybelle Arago 

Modelling and Optimisation of an Integrated Manufacturing-distribution Plan in Multi-echelon Supply Chains. 

Supervisors: Dr Swee Kuik and Dr TageAndersson

Nimeshika Aloysius 

Influence of In-Store Retail Environment and Customer Behaviour towards Suboptimal Food in Reducing Household Food Waste. 

Supervisors: Dr Ann Mitsis and Dr Jayanath Ananda

Gillian Walker 

Developing an innovative Business Model for the Sustainability of Small-Scale Dairy Farmers in Queensland and New South Wales, Australia. 

Supervisors: Dr Azad Rahman, Prof Delwar Akbar and Dr Vanita Yadav

Jannatul Ferdous 

Impacts of COVID -19 Pandemic on Supply Chain Management (SCM) for Medical Products in Regional Queensland, Australia. 

Supervisors: Prof Delwar Akbar, A/Prof Gulam Khandaker and Dr Rahat Hossain 

Bajjet Naresho 

Impact of collaboration on agro-supply chains: a mediating role of commitment and transaction cost management.

Supervisors: Prof Delwar Akbar and Dr Imran Ali

Huy Minh Phan 

Industry 4.0 Technologies and Sustainable Warehousing. 

Supervisors: Dr Imran Ali and Dr Swee Kuik 


Ashley Cooper

Thesis Title: "The ‘Not So’ Off Beaten Track”: Film as a medium for positive environmental sustainability in remote destinations in the adventure tourism sector. 

Supervisor: Dr Michelle Thompson

Diakite Mory

Thesis Title: Options for avoiding land-mining conflicts in developing countries: A case study from the Côte dIvoire 

Supervisor: Dr Susan Kinnear

Narelle Pearse

Thesis Title: The role of regional universities in regionalisation 

Supervisor: Dr Susan  Kinnear

Andrew Sivijs

Thesis Title: Knowledge management and transfer as a determinant of the longer term success of regional tourism festivals and events 

Supervisor: Dr Michelle Thompson

Ginny Stenner

Thesis Title: "The ugly truth: Without accessing affordable financial advice and improving financial capabilities, women will accumulate poverty not wealth as intended through Australia's retirement savings system."

Supervisors: Dr Tasadduq Iman and Dr Lan Sun

Imraan Yousuf

Thesis Title: Closing the Tap - A study to investigate the factors affecting attraction and retention of skilled workers in regional Queensland’s water industry

Supervisor: Dr Upamali Amarkoon

Simin Yu

Thesis Title:  Digital transformation of Australian small and large enterprises

Supervisor/s: Dr Cait White

Rachel Bryan

Thesis Title: Investigating the contribution of groundwater to surface waters and riparian vegetation in a subtropical river catchment

Supervisor: Dr Nicole Flint

William Dantas Charles

Thesis Title: Unravelling movement patterns and use of habitat of the giant mud crab (Scylla serrata) in the East Coast of Queensland

Supervisor: Dr Nicole Flint

Mohammad Shahriar Hossain

Thesis Title: Female mud crabs (Scylla serrata) in Queensland’s east coast fishery: Investigating life history and reproductive characteristics

Supervisor: Dr Nicole Flint

Nathan Johnston

Thesis Title: Developing Indexes for Agricultural Water quality: Evaluating an Australian case study

Supervisor: Dr Nicole Flint

Manuja Lekammudiyanse

Thesis Title: Sapiotemporal variations in seagrass flowering: Can spatial models of seagrass flowering benefit seagrass restoration?

Supervisor: Dr Nicole Flint

Christopher Lowe

Thesis Title: Assessing the value of improved connectivity in subtropical estuarine fish habitats

Supervisor: Dr Nicole Flint

Samantha Matthews

Thesis Title: What are the barriers and enablers to implementing the Statement of Choices Form B tool by the Office of Advanced Care Planning for Residential Aged Care Residents with known Cognitive Impairment?

Supervisor: Dr Pammie Ellem

Stephanus Nieuwoudt

Thesis Title: The characterization of post-capture stress in Ranina ranina: Identifying handling and transport techniques that increase post-capture survivorship.

Supervisor: Dr Nicole Flint

Luke Ryan

Thesis Title: What is the experience of healthcare clinicians in rural and remote areas participating in a Research building Capacity Program?

Supervisor: Dr Pammie Ellem

Tania Skewis

Thesis Title: Is fluctuating asymmetry a good indicator of fish health in Queensland and Australian estuaries?

Supervisor: Dr Nicole Flint

Megan Wise

Thesis Title: Determining the factors during the pre-registration program of study and initial employment that assist workplace performance upon employment as a registered nurse.

Supervisor: Dr Pammie Ellem





Kellie Dyer

Thesis Title: Beyond the Barriers, how does geographic location influence the needs of Women
Entrepreneurs and Innovators in achieving success?

Supervisor: Dr Vanita Yadav

Raja Ginting

Thesis Title: Study of use of digital technologies for learning and its relationship with job performance

Supervisors: Dr Cait White and Dr Nazia Nabi

Heidi Hodge

Thesis Title: Health Research and Education Ventures In Small Rural Communities

Supervisors: Dr Dean Carson and Dr Michelle Thompson

Ivan Lozano Mendez

Thesis Title: Understanding the Experiences of Temporary Work Migrants in Australia

Supervisor: Dr Sardana Khan

Syeda Barjees Naqvi

Thesis Title: An investigation on how Covid has forced leaders and management of large corporations to make changes to their strategies to survive?

Supervisor: Dr Amlan Haque

Ritangi Narang

Thesis Title: Sustainability education in business and accounting schools in India: perceptions of business Deans and Academics

Supervisor: Dr Monika Kansal

Thi Phuong Anh Nguyen

Thesis Title: Enhancing Remote Workforce Management Using Workforce Analytics

Supervisor: Dr Upamali Amarakoon

Thanippuli Arachchige Anusha Nandani Perera

Thesis Title: Impact of Employee Wellbeing on the Quality of Care Services: Evidence from the Australian Age Care Sector.

Supervisors: Dr Upamali Amarkoon and  Dr Sardana Khan

Manju Sharma

Thesis Title: Influence of leader’s emotional intelligence on psychological safety and performance of employees:   Evidence from the Australian Hospitality Industry

Supervisor: Dr Sardana Khan

Rebecca Tisdale

Thesis Title: A critical discourse analysis of casual employment as represented in the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety

Supervisor: Dr Cait White

Hoang Thanh Van Vo

Thesis Title: How Social Capital Influences Organisational Resilience In The COVID-19 Pandemic: A Study Of Small Business
In Victoria, Australia

Supervisor: Dr Sardana Khan

Shimo Zhang

Thesis Title: The Role of High Performance Work Systems and Guanxi in the Context of the Chinese Construction Industry

Supervisor: Dr Sardana Khan

Ellie Cutmore

Thesis Title: Can positive learning experiences during aged care placements improve student mindsets on aged care nursing and motivate employment in the aged care industry?

Supervisor: Dr Pammie Ellem