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Dr Monika Kansal, Dr. Mahesh Joshi
Doctor of Philosophy
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Research Details

Thesis Name

Sustainability Education in business and accounting schools in India: Perceptions of deans and academics

Thesis Abstract

The study will explore the issues and challenges associated with the integration of sustainability education (SE) in business and accounting schools in North Indian universities/management institutions using the Theory of Change (TOC) and the Theory of planned behaviour (TPB). It will also investigate the level of support available to business academics from their institutions and regulatory bodies to incorporate sustainability topics in the curriculum.

Why my research is important/Impacts

The study shall significantly contribute to the academic literature in business and accounting education in general and, more specifically, in integrating SE into mainstream education. The study may also have implications for education policymakers as the findings may guide various stakeholders such as the Universities Grants Commission (UGC) of India, university administrations, government, industry, and others involved in promoting SE in Indian universities. This is the first study that proposes applying the extended TPB model and TOC to predict the actual behaviour of academics and deans in integrating SE in a developing Asian country like India.