School of Business and Law
Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services
Professor Bruce Prideaux, Dr Michelle Thompson
Masters by Research
Ashley Cooper

Research Details

Thesis Name

The 'Not So' Off Beaten Track": Film as a medium for positive environmental sustainability in remote destinations in the adventure tourism sector."

Thesis Abstract

Film tourism literature from a stakeholder perspective in relation to sustainability, planning and development identifies a gap in film tourism planning research where there appears much focus simply on visitor numbers, and little examination of how film tourism may be planned in relation to ongoing environmental effects. By identifying and articulating the range of stakeholders engaged with film and tourism, calls for more cross-disciplinary research from areas such as geography, sociology, cultural studies and film studies have been proposed (Beeton, 2005). Without careful examination and consideration of this driver and its effects, we may see irreparable and unsustainable environmental results.

Why my research is important/Impacts

The influential and marketable power of film tourism (Film-Induced Tourism) is one that may be handled with much care. Often the economic scale of productions become paramount, accordingly other factors such as environmental protection and sustainability may be overlooked. In the current culture of financial accountability and profit above all, the mindset and management of productions and a subsequent tourism influx to remote and sometimes fragile environments may be increasingly dangerous for a region's ongoing sustainability. This research aims to evaluate the viability of film-induced strategies and practices to enhance environmental sustainability or minimise detrimental activities in remote tourism destinations.


Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship