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The Centre for Regional Economies and Supply Chains (CRESC) is proud to include over 50 researchers and RHD students within our Centre membership.

Our Centre includes Full, Associate and Affiliate members.

Through our extensive membership base, CRESC offers research expertise and academic excellence across our three key research theme areas:

  • Regional and Rural Economies
  • Tourism Development
  • Supply and Value Chains

CRESC welcomes expressions of interest in membership.

CRESC members

Dr Imran Ali 

Digital transformation of food supply chains, collaboration, climate change, Industry 4.0, supply chain risk and resilience. 

Imran has extensive experience of working with a range of stakeholders and has led several externally funded projects in the agribusiness sector.

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Dr Jay Ananda 

Research focuses include environmental economics, water economics and water policy, efficiency and productivity analysis, regional economics and local government, agricultural and resource economics.


Dr Tage Andersson 

Research focus: the intersection between digital technologies, innovation, entrepreneurship, strategy, projects, and supply chains. 

Previous professional experience has seen Tage responsible for innovation and business development; operations and supply chain management; project and program management; technology and engineering management.


Dr Jeremy De Valck 

Jeremy is a transdisciplinary environmental economist, with strong research interests in natural resource management and geographic information systems. He applies non-market valuation techniques (e.g. choice modelling) to the study of environmental assets, ecosystem services and biodiversity. 

Other research interests include assessment of socio-cultural, economic and environmental impacts in the Great Barrier Reef region, agricultural economics and food supply chain in relation with on-going projects for RECoE (Rural Economies Centre of Excellence) and the Queensland Government Department of Environment and Science . 

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Dr Tasadduq Imam 

Dr Imam's research interests include: Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and data mining applied in various fields including computational finance, business analytics, and industry 4.0 technologies. Additionally, he has interests and track records in leadership, sustainability, higher education, corporate governance, digital marketing, and technology adoption and innovation.

He has a track record in supervision of RHD students across multiple areas of business and computer science, and an emerging profile of publications in top quality journals across disciplines. 

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Professor Susan Kinnear 

Research background in regional development, with expertise in regional policy, regional business and innovation, collaborative platforms and (environmental) sustainability issues. She has also led or supported various research projects dealing with climate change, agricultural supply chains and Indigenous issues. 

Professor Kinnear's current research focus areas include: Regional Growth, Development and Planning; Stakeholder relationships; and Research Training.

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Dr En Li 

Dr Li's research interests include: gambling and addictive behaviours; marketing and advertising; affect and emotion; attention and perception; ethnicity and culture; and tourism and hospitality.


Dr Anja Pabel 

Research interests include tourist behaviour, marine tourism, tourism sustainability and humour research. 

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Dr Kalpana Pudasaini 

Research and teaching experience in environmental chemistry, applied economics, soil conservation and sustainable regenerative agriculture in Australia and overseas. Currently, she has been working on various carbon standards and economically viable carbon crediting methods and schemes, and regional development. 


Dr Azad Rahman

Research focus: supply and value chain analysis, rural and regional economics, and regional development. In the past, Dr Rahman has engaged in various research projects including optimization, forecasting, cost estimation and sustainable energy. Currently, he is working on a CRC funded project on economic models for agriculture supply chains with a focus on developing and testing collaborative business models for the horticulture industry in regional Australia. 

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Dr Darshana Rajapaksa 

Dr Rajapaksa's research interest includes non-market valuation, climate change, environmental behaviour, agricultural economics and supply chain analysis.
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Dr Michelle Thompson 

Research interests focus on tourism in agricultural regions, specifically food and agri-tourism, regional tourism development and issues related to sustainable tourism in natural areas. Michelle’s research reflects her passion for regional tourism issues and applied research that provides industry and community outcomes. 


Dr Galina Williams 

Research expertise in various economics approaches and tools (economic impact assessment; non market valuation techniques: i.e. choice modelling, contingent valuation method, qualitative and quantitative surveys; experimental economics; input output method).  She also has extensive teaching experience in economics (i.e. Environmental Economics, Economics for Business, Property Economics, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics) and statistics.


Dr Upamali Amarakoon 

Research interests: human resource management (HRM) innovation, volunteer management, and addressing HRM challenges in regional Australia. She currently supervises multiple Research Higher Degree students and leads a stakeholder engagement project with Foodbank Australia, funded by Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre.


Dr Salahuddin Azad 

Dr Azad has extensive experience in data science and machine learning research, and outstanding expertise in statistical modelling and analysis.


Dr Janice Ban 

Dr Ban has published research journal papers that are associated with eco‐tourism, sustainable tourism, food waste management, environmentally friendly management, and consumer behaviours in Australia. She has closely liaised with Australian or Korean governments, Australian Regional and Local Councils, and international academia.

She has dealt with a wide range of marketing issues regarding clients, stakeholders, and professionals in the hospitality, event management, and/or tourism industries. 


Dr Pammie Ellem 

Dr Ellem is an experienced Registered Nurse and Specialist Breast Cancer Care Nurse who has always been dedicated to nursing and community support in regional, rural and remote areas. Having grown up in rural QLD, Pammie understands firsthand issues and strengths created by the tyranny of distance. Pammie has experience in rural family support and telehealth which compliment service delivery to isolated communities of which she is a strong advocate. Additionally, Pammie engages clinicians in research, enabling fellow clinicians to become involved in research and higher education.


Dr Nicole Flint 

Research aims: developing efficient and effective monitoring, assessment and management programs for freshwater and marine species and ecosystems, including through the development of environmental indicators. Nicole is particularly interested in the diverse waterways and land uses of regional and rural Australia's catchments, rivers, estuaries, and coastal zones. 

Nicole has successfully secured, led, and delivered research contracts for a wide range of industry, government and non-government clients, and supervises Ph.D. and Masters by Research students in the fields of aquatic ecology, water quality and economics.


Dr Amlan Haque 

Research interests include responsible leadership, leadership practices and employee outcomes in organisations, presenteeism, strategic HRM, climate change and complex modelling using structural equation modelling.


Dr Rahat Hossain 

Dr Rahat’s research interests are in machine learning, time-series analysis, renewable energy, regional studies, and supply chain.


Dr. Malcolm Johnson 

Dr Johnson is a leader in strategic thinking, skilled in getting to the core of complex problems to devise programs and practical business solutions. He is focused on delivering mutually beneficial outcomes for stakeholders across a range of commercial and education settings.


Dr Monika Kansal 

Dr Kansal has completed or is working on grants in food waste, sustainability, CSR, scholarship and learning and teaching. She has expertise in research design, qualitative analysis using Nvivo and also moderate quantitative analytical skills. 


Dr Sardana Khan 

Current research interests: high performance work systems, decent work, gig economy, leadership, offshoring, sustainable supply chain management, international business and HR analytics. 


Swee Kuik 

Research interests: all areas of industrial and manufacturing management, but particularly logistics and supply chain management, smart manufacturing design, information system management, business analytics and optimisation applications.


Dr Lily Li 

Research interests: computational intelligence, evolutionary optimisation and machine learning. Dr Li has strong engagement with local industry and communities. As a mentor, she has successfully supervised two KTP projects in collaboration with Queensland companies. Dr Li is a member of the Australia Computer Society (ACS).


Dr Abdul Mazid 

Research interests: sustainable machining processes development for economic machining of superalloys (Ti-, Co-, and Ni-based alloys) and other engineering materials, high-speed machining, machine tools dynamics and intelligent robotic grasping.Output of his research may help regional small to large engineering industries for better sustainability by reducing production costs without affecting product quality.


Dr Angelique McInnes 

Research interests include digital finance and digital health., open banking, fintech, regtech, blockchain, financial planning, sustainable energy, supply chain and financial services regulation.


Dr Anita Medhekar 

Research focus: applied health economics, tourism economics, global health supply chains, economies of Asia-Pacific and developing countries, international trade in goods and services, and Australia-India trade relations. Anita also has extensive teaching experience in undergraduate and post graduate economics i.e., Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, Public Finance, Public Policy, Economics of Asia-Pacific, Economics of Regional Development, Economics of Developing Countries, Economics for Business, and Ecommerce Economics.


Dr Nazia Nabi 

Research interests include Consumer Psychology, Service Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism marketing, Cross-Cultural Marketing, and Product and Brand Management among others.


Dr Lan Sun 

Research interests: finance and investment, financial reporting quality, corporate governance, executive compensation, market efficiency, and sustainable investing. 


Dr Wen-Chun Tseng

Research interests: passenger behaviours applied across several domains including airport shopping behaviours, airline choice behaviours and passenger satisfaction. Dr Tseng is a transport economist with skills in econometric modelling and forecasting, project and performance evaluation, benchmarking, and operations research. She brings advanced statistical skillsets and high-level transport data analysis capability having worked on numerous research projects.


Dr. Catherine White 

Research interests: organizational rhetoric and discourse. She has experience in discourse analysis and ethnography of communication.


Dr Vanita Yadav 

Research and teaching interests: innovation and entrepreneurship. She also has experience in supervising PhD students and contributing to Doctoral level courses on Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Mixed Methods and Qualitative Research Design. 


Dr Xianbo (Bill) Zhao 

Research interests: sustainable built environment, risk management and construction management in regional areas.


Dr Joe Collins 

University of Sydney

Research interests: resource rent taxation, value theory, political economy of Australian social formation, international political economy, and history of economic thought.

Dr Collins' research is currently focused on questions of regional economic development, inclusive growth and diversified manufacturing in conjunction with extractive industry.

Dr Megan Star

Research interests: investment prioritisation, project and program evaluation, bio-economic modelling, investment analysis, economic development and analysis of environmental and productivity trade-offs. She has worked extensively with a range of stakeholders and led a number of externally funded research projects. Recent research has focused on working in multidisciplinary teams to further understand achieving efficient natural resource management improvements from agricultural industries.


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CRESC membership

Members of CRESC include researchers, academic staff and research students. CRESC offers three levels of membership:

  • Full Membership
  • Associate Membership
  • Adjunct Membership

Researchers and external stakeholders working in areas relevant to CRESC research themes are welcome to submit n expression of interest in CRESC membership. To submit your expression of interest, please click on the link and complete the application form. Forward your completed form along with a brief CV to

Please note that membership applications are reviewed on a 6-monthly basis.

Past and present research collaborations

The Centre for Regional economies and Supply Chains (CRESC) is proud to collaborate with industry partners, community stakeholders and other centres of research excellence:

  • Rural Economies Centre of Excellence
  • Rockhampton Regional Council
  • Queensland Government  Department of  Agriculture and Forestry
  • Growcom
  • National Indigenous Research and Knowledges Network (NiRAKN)
  • Association of Marine Park Tourism Operators (AMPTO)
  • Reef and Rainforest Research Centre
  • Northern Institute of Charles Darwin University
  • Regional Development Australia - Far North Queensland & Torres Strait
  • Department of Family and Community Services (NSW)
  • Fitzroy Basin Association
  • Australian Coal Association Research  Program
  • Livingstone Shire Council
  • Commonwealth Governemtn NESP Progarm
  • Reef Trust
  • The  Office of the Great Barrier Reef

CRESC research students

CRESC hosts research students across our four theme areas: applied economics, supply chain, workforce development, human resource management and regional futures.