Regional and Rural Economies

The vision of the Regional and Rural Economies research theme is to improve analysis and decisions around resource and sustainability issues in regional and rural areas using economic frameworks.

A key focus is to apply economic analysis to primary and resource sectors in northern Australia, including the Great Barrier Reef region, to improve decision-making about development and sustainability.

This research theme focuses on the intersection between resource activity and regional development and works to generate new information and understanding about developing and managing resources for the best regional outcomes, the need to protect natural resources from development pressures, and the importance of human capital and entrepreneurial thinking in regional communities, business and industries.

Key areas of research and activities include:

  • Valuing environmental assets and improvements
  • Economics of water quality improvements
  • Agricultural economics
  • Valuing recreation
  • Benefit transfer
  • Regional development
  • Economic and social impact assessment
  • Environmental monitoring and report cards
  • Great Barrier Reef

Key capabilities include:

  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Bioeconomic modelling
  • Nonmarket valuation
  • Policy assessment

Research Projects

Redesigning Landcare policy to better coordinate across landholders (DP220100482)

Lead Chief Investigator - Professor John Rolfe

Social, cultural and Economic indicator score and grades for the Gladstone Healthy Harbour Partnership Report Card (Project ISP-2022)

Lead Chief Investigator - Dr Jeremy De Valck

Review of GBRMPA Environmental Management Charge

Lead Chief Investigator - Professor John Rolfe

Great Barrier Reed Foundation, Reef Trust Partnership - Sustainable Use and Benefits Critical Monitoring Project

Lead Chief Investigator - Dr Jeremy De Valck

Hierarchy to high-performance? Evaluating 30yrs of Senior Executive Service

Lead Chief Investigator - A/Professor Linda Colley

Mud crab indicator for the 2020 Gladstone Harbour Report Card

Lead Chief Investigator - Dr Nicole Flint

Development of Fish Health Indicators for the 2021 Gladstone Healthy Harbour Report Card

Lead Chief Investigator - Dr Nicole Flint

Economic Impact of not dredging the Port of Bundaberg and the Port of Rockhampton for sustainable sediment management

Lead Chief Investigator - Professor John Rolfe

Evaluating Project Pioneer

Lead Chief Investigator - Professor John Rolfe

Theme leader

Jeremy De Valck

Dr. Jeremy De Valck

Jeremy De Valck is a transdisciplinary environmental economist (PhD, KU Leuven, Belgium), with strong research interests in natural resource management (MSc NRM, Cranfield Uni., UK) and geographic information systems (MSc Bioscience Eng., Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, Belgium). Jeremy applies non-market valuation techniques to the study of environmental assets, ecosystem services and biodiversity. Since joining CQUniversity in 2016, he has led or been involved in research projects related to the assessment of socio-cultural, economic and environmental impacts in the Great Barrier Reef region. Jeremy's current research relates to the application of revealed and stated preference techniques to value the environment