Our experience as an international university has allowed us to develop an integrated student support network that includes welfare, academic and career support to assist you throughout your learning journey.

CQUniversity staff are committed to understanding your individual needs and endeavour to help you gain an academically, culturally and socially enriching experience from your time with us.

The Campus Life Committee (CLC) was established to enhance the on-campus experience of all CQUniversity staff and students on each campus. The Committee’s main functions include:

  • Exploring opportunities to enhance the ‘student experience’ for staff and students through the pursuit of activities, events, services and social opportunities that will contribute to a more interactive, enjoyable campus atmosphere
  • Contributing to student happiness and wellbeing
  • Providing a vehicle for formal discussions

The Student Representative Council (SRC) works to foster student involvement in University matters and improve peer advocacy, giving students an opportunity to contribute to the student experience both online and on-campus. The SRC also supports the University’s clubs and societies and university sports.

Our experienced Student Engagement Team is available to assist you with your transition into University life and life in Australia. They can assist you with:

  • Advice on airport pickup (please note airport pickup arrangement comes at a cost)
  • Accommodation information
  • Enrolment and orientation for new students
  • Adjusting to life in Australia and study at CQUniversity
  • Overseas student health cover
  • Understanding your Student visa requirements
  • Welfare support for students under the age of 18
  • International Student Cafe
  • Applying for a leave of absence
  • Your COE extension application
  • Understanding policies and procedures

The welfare support delivered across our campuses endeavours to create a friendly, supportive and understanding environment for students and build lasting relationships that extend beyond their time at CQUniversity.

Some of our welfare services include:

  • Confidential counselling and referral to specialist services
  • Disability services
  • Grievance resolution
  • Religious services
  • Student advocacy
  • Student equity service
  • Student mentor and leadership programs

Learn more about how each of these services can support you.

CQUniversity's career support staff organise hands-on workshops in resume preparation, job application skills, networking and interview techniques. These workshops are available to assist you with your transition to employment.

CQUni Careers supports prospective, current and graduate CQUniversity students in achieving their career development and professional aspirations through career education, guidance and information.

Employability training for international students

CQUniversity has partnered with Successful Graduate to offer The Finding Part-Time Work Course to all international students who have an offer to study at CQUniversity.

The course is free, self-paced and non-compulsory. It has been carefully tailored to increase your chances of finding part-time or casual job while you study – and guide you to develop your employability skills in general.

Once you have received an offer to study at CQUniversity, you will be provided with information on how to enrol in this free course.

In addition, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities in the local community which you may like to be involved in. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to meet new people, put your skills and knowledge to use, try out new career options and have fun at the same time.

CQUniversity's academic support teams work closely with lecturers and tutors to monitor students' academic performance and help where necessary. The University has put together an extensive academic support system across all campuses.

Academic advice and assistance is provided through the Academic Learning Centre (ALC). The ALC provides a relaxed and friendly environment where you can meet with advisers to learn about academic writing and oral presentations in order to complete your assignments. You are encouraged to attend the workshops that are run in the first few weeks of term to learn more about Australian writing requirements and referencing. You can also seek advice by making one-on-one appointments with the ALC advisers.

As we know many students study and prepare their assignments after hours. To complement the assistance provided through the ALC, CQUniversity has introduced an after-hours academic support service -– Studiosity.

Our staff are available to help, provide suggestions and guidance on how to enhance your study skills and make the best use of your study time: including time management, exam preparation, stress management and group work. In addition, there is a range of online resources to further help students achieve their best academically. Read our Keys for Academic Success to help you prepare for your academic journey.