International Student Barometer

CQUniversity has been participating in the global International Student Barometer (ISB) survey administered by i-graduate.

The ISB survey is the largest survey in the world, aimed to collect feedback on international student experience and satisfaction.

The ISB results help us see areas where we’re meeting our students’ expectations, and areas which we can improve on to ensure the best possible experience for our current and future international students.

Our students have placed us above or well above the Australian university average for Living Overall, Overall Happiness, and Career Goal Preparation. This is a testament to our ongoing commitment to ensuring you have the most positive student experience.


2023 ISB key area results

We are pleased to see that your satisfaction rate on key areas of your student experience at CQUniversity was well above the Australian university average. In many cases, you also placed us well above other universities worldwide.

Your overall satisfaction was 90.6% which was higher than the global satisfaction for higher education.

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Aspects with satisfaction rate above the Australian university average:

  • Pre-arrival information
  • Health insurance
  • Face-to-face orientation
  • Enrolment / academic registration
  • Virtual onboarding

Your average satisfaction rate with the learning experience at CQUniversity was 90.5%, which was above both the global and Australian university averages. 

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Aspects with a satisfaction rate above the global and Australian university average:

  • Submitting work remotely
  • Communicating with tutors
  • Assessment
  • Program content
  • Marking criteria
  • Performance feedback
  • Program organisation 
  • Topic selection
  • Communication with students
  • Employability
  • Careers advice
  • Opportunities for work experience
  • Online learning resources and library facilities
  • Online tests and exams
  • Online assignments
  • Online tutorials
  • Online lectures

Your satisfaction rate for support overall was 90.4% and support average was 94.2%. Both were well above the global and Australian university rates. We were particularly pleased to know that you were 100% satisfied with our Students' Representatives. 

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Other aspects with satisfaction rate above the global and Australian university averages:

  • Academic Learning Centre
  • Academic Learning Centre Adviser
  • IT and system support
  • Accommodation office
  • Chaplaincy and prayer room
  • Finance department
  • Careers advice
  • International office
  • Support / information / advice
  • Placement training 
  • Employment
  • Representation

You placed us above the global and Australian university average for living overall. Your safety is our priority and we are pleased that 97.7% of you told us you feel safe and secure on campus. This satisfaction rate is the highest across all aspects in the living category. 

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Other aspects with satisfaction rate above the global and Australian university averages:

  • Access to suitable accommodation
  • Earning money
  • Living cost
  • Financial support
  • The surrounding outside the university
  • Transport between university locations
  • Transport links to other places
Life as an International Student


Before coming to Australia I was quite concerned with racism, but after arriving here I realised that this country is so perse and it is home for everyone, no matter your skin colour or religion.

When I first came here, I was surprised at how friendly Aussies were. I used to do a little bit of walk every early morning, and people would be smiling, waving, or even stopping to have a chat.

Melbourne is a great place to live. There are multiple public transport options, relatively low crime rates and plenty of jobs.

Gradually I have understood the culture, found people to be welcoming and friendly, and I feel more stable.

Other high performing areas

Overall happiness

We are very pleased that you rated us well above the Australian university average for overall happiness. Building a positive learning environment for you is very important to us. We believe your happiness means that you feel engaged, supported which allow you be focused with your studies. This will in turn help you achieve better academic outcomes. 

Value for money

You rated us very well above the Australian university average in value for money; you've let us know that you felt your current course is good value for money. Our course fees are some of the most affordable among Australian universities, 13% lower in undergraduate and 22% lower in postgraduate courses (StudyMove 2020). This does not compromise the quality of what you will learn and will take away with you as our graduate employment and starting salary outcomes are above the Australian average (QILT ComparED 2023). On top of our already highly competitive fees, you will benefit further with our international scholarship which provides a reduction of 25% of your course fees.

Career goal preparation

You rated us well above the Australian university average in helping you prepare for the workforce and achieve your career goal. Our internship or work placement opportunity doubled with our comprehensive career services equip you for employment upon graduation. Through the survey, you have told us you were satisfied with a number of elements relating to career preparation including employment, careers advice and opportunities for work experience. 



Arrival experience

rated positively by 91% of students

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Learning experience

rated positively by 90% of students

International Student Barometer (ISB) 2021

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International support

rated positively by 95% of students

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