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CQUEnglish is an integral part of CQUniversity Australia. It comprises four English Language Centres, conveniently located on our bustling metropolitan campuses in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

CQUEnglish provides excellent English language courses at various levels in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere with quality facilities. In the 2022 i-graduate English Language Barometer (ELB), CQUEnglish outperformed the sector in a number of areas.

No matter what your English needs, we can help attain your goals. We can also organise study tours, which are short-term programs tailored to your specific needs.

One of the major highlights from the latest ELB is that 97.1% CQUEnglish students were either satisfied or very satisfied overall – this compares to a 95.2% satisfaction rate for the sector. Another highlight is that 91.9% would recommend CQUEnglish – this is 3.3% more than the score for the sector.

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The kind of student that would benefit from studying at CQUEnglish is one who is ready to adopt new practices and to learn new ways of learning, essentially because learning at a university in Australia is often very different from learning at a university in other countries.

The CQUEnglish courses comprise EAP1, EAP2 and EAP3 and these are programs that are pathways into CQU degree courses.
One of the main benefits for students studying English at CQU is that they can understand and become familiar with the academic norms of Australian university life. 

Students build their practical skills through practicing the main English skills and academic skills. Also, we encourage students to speak English at all times when they're in the classroom and also on campus.

The courses are built on communication with other students, learning about other students and interacting with teachers and students throughout the course.
Students who study with us find that they have a great way of understanding academic culture in Australia.

When students first arrive, we have a welcome orientation where we introduce them to the city and the campus and the facilities so that they're aware of all of the things that we can offer them and provide them.

Some of the challenges that international students are confronted with are similar to some of the challenges that domestic students have with regards to study stress. But international students also have to deal with differences in culture, language and academic expectations.

So CQU helps international students overcome these challenges. We have a counselling team and this is a free, confidential service.

CQU also provides student accessibility. This is for students who may have issues with various areas such as hearing or writing or reading, and we can adapt some of our assessments to help students to feel more supported in that. 

Teachers are also always working very closely with students to help them through any kind of challenges that they have and making sure that students do well and are ready for the University courses.

CQU has modern and well-equipped classrooms, and students can have full access to all of the University’s facilities such as the library, computer laboratories and study spaces. They can also book study rooms for their own private study if they need to.

COVID brought many challenges for teaching English, but also brought a great many opportunities and we started using technology that we hadn't used before when we were teaching our classes.

Now that we're back face-to-face with students, we're still using that technology.

The best advice I would give to someone who's thinking of studying English would be to be ready to learn new ideas and to approach things in a way that may be different to the way you've done it in the past and also be ready to communicate and collaborate.

The final thing I would recommend is to be ready to become an independent learner, because that's something that's very important in Australian university culture. 

Our team looks forward to welcoming you to CQU in the future.




97% satisfaction

with CQUEnglish

i-graduate English Language Barometer 2022


Excellent teachers

100% of students satisfied with their CQUEnglish teachers

i-graduate English Language Barometer 2022

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Outstanding support

97% of students happy with CQUEnglish's support

i-graduate English Language Barometer 2022

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