Widening participation

CQU, through its widening participation program, is committed to making higher education as accessible as possible and, with funding from the Federal Government, participates in the Higher Education Participation and Partnership Program (HEPPP).

HEPPP focuses on increasing participation rates in higher education for students from regional and remote Australia, low socioeconomic status backgrounds, and Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples.

This will be achieved by raising awareness of opportunities that higher education creates and empowering individuals to aspire for wider career choices that are achievable with higher education. HEPPP also supports students as they progress with their higher education studies and ultimate completion of higher education qualifications.

CQU has widening participation programs at the pre-access, access and participation study stages. Pre-access activities are designed to build confidence as a learner, expand career knowledge and create aspirations for pursuing higher education, to receive the qualifications needed to pursue a career of choice. Access activities support the student through the transition from secondary school into University and TAFE, and Participation activities focus on providing support throughout their studies through mental health, well-being and learning support initiatives.

For more information about our Widening Participation programs, please email wideningparticipation@cqu.edu.au.

Embedding Foundation Academic skills in literacy and numeracy into first-year core courses that provide a  platform that prepares first-year students for success in higher education.

Mental Health and Well-Being programs that develop and implement initiatives that promote the mental health and well-being of students aiming to build upon their coping skills, knowledge and resources to enhance their capacity to be healthy and well, study productively, and cope with adversity while on their learning journey with CQU.

Peer Assisted Study Sessions assist students in their first-year core units with peer-led study groups. Designed to create independent learners, this program is led by fellow students who are highly skilled and specially trained. The goal is to create independent learners by sharing study tips and skills together with previous student experiences whilst incorporating ‘what to learn’ with ‘how to learn’.

Scholarships that provide financial support to meet the costs associated with university study. The scope of available scholarships covers assistance for eligible students to relocate to either Rockhampton or Mackay campuses to study on campus. Scholarships can also assist eligible students with start-up costs or with a travel bursary distance, students can attend a residential school or industry placement.

STEPS support program provides a supportive pastoral care learning environment for students from low SES backgrounds enrolled in CQUniversity’s STEPS program with individualised support to address any factors that may, without intervention, result in a student withdrawing from study.

CQUni Connect in conjunction with partner primary and secondary schools delivers an outreach program through years 6 to year 12. The program raises awareness of higher education, builds aspiration for careers that require a post-school qualification and empowers students to consider higher education as a post-school option. On completion of the program, students will have the confidence to apply for a place at a university or TAFE.

Deadly Connections is an indigenous-led, outreach and engagement program aimed at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Adult Learners who are employed through local government, public service, working in Industries, community-based organisations, and native title holders. The program shares information and experiences regarding study options and knowledge and awareness of universities being culturally safe places to encourage them to pursue their educational journey.

Smith Family Learning for Life students receive information from CQU to raise awareness of higher education opportunities and the financial and study support that are available to help them successfully complete a university or TAFE award. Learning for Life students are encouraged to apply for the Educational Access Scheme and if successful will receive additional adjustment points that will assist in meeting course entry score